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UPDATED - Friday, September 19th, 2014

1st Annual Walk for Shin

Saturday, September 20th at 9:00 am

To commemorate Shin Noh's 1 year disappearance, we will be holding the 1st Annual Walk for Shin. We are also raising awareness for Alzheimer's and the 'Citizen Silver Alert'. This 'Citizen Silver Alert' was made possible due to your support. This is only one tool for the Silver Alert. We still need the government to launch an official Silver Alert Program in our communities. Donations for the 'Citizen Silver Alert' are appreciated but not mandatory. Please sign up to receive Silver Alerts and updates at

Itinerary of Events

  • 9am-Refreshments
  • 9:30am-Announcements and Prayer led by Pastor Barry, a close family friend
  • 9:45am-Walk for Shin Commences

The Walk for Shin Route (5.3 km, ~1hr duration):

(Due to construction and side walks being closed on parts of Glen Dr., we have a new route for the Walk for Shin.)

  • Start from Eagle Ridge United Church
  • East on Glen Dr. up North on Lansdowne Dr.
  • Right on Guildford Way (on south sidewalks)
  • At Town Centre Blvd cross to north sidewalks on Guildford Way
  • Left onto Pipeline Rd. (east sidewalks)
  • Left onto Trevor Wingrove Way
  • Left onto Pinetree Way (west sidewalks)
  • Right onto Guildford Way
  • At Town Centre Blvd cross to south sidewalks on Guildford Way
  • Left onto Lansdowne Dr.
  • Left onto Glen Dr.
  • End at Eagle Ridge United Blvd

*Please be mindful of traffic when crossing the street.
*Overflow parking if needed will be available at Glen Eagle Secondary, located right behind the church.
*Also please note, that there will be only 2 washrooms available on the day of the event.

We encourage the public to attend to raise awareness for Alzheimers and the Silver Alert. Please RSVP below to confirm your attendance and to help the Noh family plan for refreshments.

Thank you.

RSVP via:
- Facebook Event Page
- Email:

(click to enlarge)

UPDATE - Friday, September 19th, 2014

1st Annual Walk for Shin on Saturday, September 20 starting at 9am. Meet at Eagle Ridge United Church on 2813 Glen Drive.

For more information, please visit:

UPDATE - Thursday, September 18th, 2014

UPDATE - Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my father's disappearance. My father left home at 10:20am, exactly a year from today. On the morning of his disappearance, coincidentally we were all together as a family. Little did we know that this would be our last family reunion, before he would go missing. The last memory I have of my father is him holding my niece. My father's face would always light up whenever he would see his grandchild. When we were together as a family, we would forget that he had Alzheimer's. Regardless of if he had Alzheimer's or not, he was still my father.

As you can imagine, the past 12 months have been difficult. I've gone through periods of anger, regret, frustration, disappointment, and hopelessness. With so much time passed, you naturally lose hope. Without any sightings within the last couple of months, I have to admit devastation has set in and has lately hit me hard, and some days I struggle to get through the day. I'd like to be hopeful that we'll find him alive. However, so much time has passed. There's no confirmation that he's passed on either. I'm exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally searching aimlessly. Although I don't search trails on a daily basis anymore, I'll search from time to time, which has served as a form of therapy for me. Everyday we look at faces while driving, hoping that we'll find him. Our family lives each day frequently thinking about our father and pray that whenever the phone rings, that news would surface about my father. We want to know what happened. We want closure. We want to be able to grieve...

I think about what it would be like if he was alive and came back home today. His Alzheimer's would be progressively worse, which is also heart breaking. Perhaps, our family and my dad were spared seeing him deteriorate. I remember how devastated my father was when we discussed having him go into a care facility. The care giving duties were increasing. We would want to keep him at home as long as possible, but we knew that we would eventually need to seek help. However without any confirmation of him passing on, it's hard to start the grieving process and to accept that maybe our family and my father were spared seeing him deteriorate further.

Although it's been a difficult past 12 months for our family, there have been some positive outcomes for the Noh family. I didn't know my brother-in-law that well prior to my father going missing, but now we've all grown a lot closer as a family. My dad along with my mom, built a strong family on faith in God. All of us are pursuing our passions in life, and trying to live life one day at a time. My mother is a violin instructor, and mentioned how she can temporary escape and find some happiness while teaching her students. My sister is a piano instructor and a teacher, and can escape while teaching and taking care of her daughter. I was happy to see my mother and my sister put on a joint recital for their students a few months back. I've been blessed to muster up the strength to continue to pursue my passion by opening up a 2nd location for my fitness transformation centre. Life is moving forward for our family, despite the adversity in our lives with dad missing.

In addition due to your overwhelming support, there's greater awareness for Alzheimer's. Our family is blessed by our community for holding our family up with overwhelming support. I've been advocating for the Silver Alert and have met with the government and the Seniors Advocate. The government is focused on a prevention and education program, as opposed to the Silver Alert. As a result, we've developed the Citizen Silver Alert, which is one tool to help find a missing person with Alzheimer's. The Citizen Silver Alert is due to your support.

Life is still moving forward; however, we haven't moved on. We constantly think about our father every day and live one day at a time, and appreciate that we have our health, family and support from those around us. We pray for continued strength, and hope one day we'll find closure, resolution, and peace.

UPDATE - Thursday, September 18th, 2014

FACT: The technology is readily available for the Silver Alert.

One year after Shin Noh went missing, son leads charge for 'Silver Alert' system (

UPDATE - Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Part 2: The Citizen Silver Alert

"The goal of the BC Silver Alert (Citizen Silver Alert) is to provide a valuable public alerting system so that specific, targeted alerts can assist first responders to locate missing people who meet the criteria for urgency and vulnerability."

Even with all the prevention and education on Alzheimer's, what happens when an Alzheimer patient still walks out the door?

Michael Coyle Search and Rescue, who helped search for my father and many other missing members in the community, reached out to me to develop this 'Citizen Silver Alert'. With the government not wanting to have a Silver alert, we were fed up that our community had nothing in place to help find a missing person with Alzheimer's. I'd like to mention that Michael Coyle developed this on his own time and isn't officially representing Search and Rescue for this. Although i'm confident, Search and Rescue members would support this. As well, Shawn, a family member of an Alzheimer senior who wandered and was later found deceased, has also helped develop this Citizen Silver Alert. This is only one tool and we still need the government to develop an official Silver Alert in order to reach more people and to use better technology. We hope that the Citizen Silver Alert will put some pressure on the government to act.

Last Thursday, the Citizen Silver Alert was activated for the first time for the missing man with Alzheimer's in Richmond.. Our platform automatically received an email from the RCMP website and we sent out a Silver Alert through our alerting channels. It proved that this system worked.

Overview of the BC Silver Alert

Step 1: Scan Local RCMP Websites
*Automatically scans and filters info to determine if it meets the Silver Alert Criteria.

We've decided to use RCMP websites in order to have a credible source for missing person with Seniors. There's typically a time lag between when the RCMP publishes a press release. Having the opportunity to work with RCMP would save us some valuable time.

Step 3: Alerts are issued to subscribers to Email, RSS (News) readers, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here's how you can help:

1) In order to have our alerts reach more people, we need to have 'subscribers' to receive these alerts. I encourage you to share our website with your network and to subscribe to the site directly.

2) Share and like our Facebook page at Unfortunately with Facebook's algorithm, only 10 to 15% of fans will actually see posts. Subscribing to the website at would be the best option.

3) Donations for the Citizen Silver Alert are suggested, but not mandatory. Donations will be used for domain costs, advertising, and for better technology such as creating an app to reach more people.

4) Write your local MLA, the Seniors Advocate Isobel Mackenzie, and the Health Minister Terry Lake to implement a Silver Alert in B.C.

Here's also a petition you can sign to show your support.

UPDATE - Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Part 1: Meeting with the Seniors Advocate and the Government

MLA Selina Robinson helped search for our father and realized that the community lacked official protocols on helping find a senior with Alzheimer's, but also saw that the public wanted to help. She subsequently proposed a private members bill for the Silver Alert for the first time in B.C.

When my father went missing, our family also quickly realized that our community didn't have any tools and protocols available to find a missing person with Alzheimer's. Search and Rescue were called out and the RCMP did the best they could with their resources. However, there's no official protocol for RCMP on finding a missing person with Alzheimer's, and we also learned that Search and Rescue specialize in wilderness searches and not urban searches. Search and Rescue are only dispatched if there is a credible lead. I remember how heart wrenching it was at the end of each night when Search and Rescue didn't bring my father home, and when they wouldn't be dispatched without a credible lead. Our family would search regardless if there were leads or not. My family had to become impromptu experts in Search and Rescue and come up with our own strategies at that time. We set up my fitness centre as a search command centre, sectioned off areas of the city into grids, had a google maps set up where you could plot and do your own searches, held 'coffee watches, implemented the 'Sky Train Search Blitz' strategy, stationed volunteers at soup kitchens, visited shelters, created an app so the public could easily recognize my father, contacted all church, media, and searched every nook and cranny in the city. Most importantly we realized we needed to get the word out as fast as possible! We particularly realized this when a church member saw my father wandering on day 3, but didn't know he was missing. It made me wonder that the outcome would have been different if we had a Silver Alert.

To save future families the grief of anguish, I've been advocating for the Silver Alert. The past few months I've met with local MLA Linda Reimer and MLA Doug Horne, and also met twice with Isobel Mackenzie, the Seniors Advocate. The Seniors Advocate is not an elected government official, but makes "recommendations to government and those who deliver seniors' services related to health care, personal care, housing, transportation and income support". It's unclear yet how much of an influence her position has on government. We'll have to wait and see.

When I met first with the Seniors Advocate with MLA Linda Reimer, the government mentioned some concerns about the Silver Alert such as: privacy issues, its effectiveness, and that too many alerts would go out.

During my 2nd meeting with the Seniors Advocate, it appeared that she and the government believed in a preventative/education based program for Alzheimer's but mentioned that they were monitoring the Silver Alert Program in Ontario.

Essentially prevention/education and the Silver Alert are all needed. I don't think it should be either or. Even with prevention and education, what happens when a person with Alzheimer's walks out the door? We did the best we could to prevent wandering and my sister and I did research this disease. My father also did have the Medic Alert Bracelet recommend by the Alzheimer's Society. We couldn't stop a grown adult wanting to go out. We definitely did try. The more we tried to discourage him from going out, the more he wanted to. So what happens even with prevention and education, when an Alzheimer's walks out the door?

Isobel Mackenzie did acknowledge that a 'continuum approach', which involves prevention, G.P.S tracking devices, and the Silver Alert, would be the ultimate goal. The Seniors advocate and Selina Robinson discussed reaching out to community groups or community round tables, in order to come up with a 'Silver Alert Protocol' on the community level. Community groups exists, but would still need some level of funding from the government.

I agree that there are some challenging decisions major stake holders have to make before a Silver Alert can be created in B.C. I am hopeful that stake holders will get past these challenges. The United States have tackled these same concerns and challenges and have the Silver Alert in 32 states and New York City. I'm disappointed that there currently isn't any initiative being taken towards the Silver Alert. We must start tackling these concerns now. Our population is aging. Many more will go missing. What's frustrating is, we have the technology readily available to have a Silver Alert, but we're not utilizing them to save lives! The resource/education program sounds great but will cost tax payers far more than having a Silver Alert. It comes down to making a decision. Creating the protocols and criteria for the Silver Alert will take time, but the government is no where near doing that.

So what did we do? We decided to create the Citizen Silver Alert.

UPDATE - Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

UPDATE - Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Sign up at to receive alerts!

Group wants official Silver Alert system for seniors - (click on image for article)

UPDATE - Monday, September 15th, 2014

Family of Shin Noh pushes for Silver Alert a year after senior's disappearance - (click on image for article)

UPDATE - Friday, September 12th, 2014

Walk in memory of missing Shin Noh Sept. 20 - The Tri-City News (click on image for article)

UPDATE - Friday, September 5th, 2014


Saturday, September 20th at 9:00 am

Let's come together to commemorate a year that he has now been missing. I never thought it would be possible that he would still be missing.

We are also going to be raising funds for Awareness and our Citizen Driven Silver Alert.

More information to follow, if you are able to volunteer to help organize the walk, please let us know! - Sally, on behalf of the Nohs

UPDATE - Monday, August 18th, 2014

11 months...

UPDATE - Monday, July 21st, 2014

Although it's been 10 months, thoughts of my father are still very fresh and frequent. I also dream about him frequently. With the warm weather, I am compelled to take advantage of this weather to search parts of the Burke Mountain trails. My father was seen very close to these trails.

Last Saturday, I had my chance to go up Burke Mountain. I went on an organized hike in Burke, put on by the City of Coquitlam and the Burke Mountain Naturalists. We went on the Woodland Walk towards the Saw Blade. I think we can rule out the northern parts of Burke. The trails are far too steep. The hike leader mentioned that the trails are frequently visited by bikers and hikers. Thus if my father was in Burke Mountain, he would be off trail, unseen to the public. Something should have surfaced by now, if he was on a main trail.

The lower trails in Burke Mountain will be an area of focus for me in the upcoming weeks. If anyone wants to participate in these hikes, please message me. Thank you.

UPDATE - Friday, June 27th, 2014

Coquitlam family continues to push for Silver Alert
- The Tri-City News (click on image for article)

UPDATE - Monday, June 23rd, 2014

So far, we have about 533 signatures and it's been only a little over 2 days. Clearly B.C residents want this and see the need for the Silver Alert in our communities.

Please sign and share this petition to show your support and to save future families dealing with Alzheimers the heartbreak of having a loved one missing. We need to keep this front of mind for the Seniors Advocate and the Health Minister.

UPDATE - Saturday, June 21st, 2014

My father would have been found and at home with us today, if the Silver Alert was in place in B.C. The construction worker and fellow church member who saw him, would have known he was missing if a Silver Alert was issued. Although we received wide spread media attention, it took a couple of days to get the word out. Time is of the essence when an Alzheimer patient wanders, which was evident in my dad's case.

Currently, there is no official search organization or strategy in place for Alzheimer's patients who wander. Search and Rescue specialize in wilderness searches and not urban searches. Because our community did not have the Silver Alert, RCMP and Search and Rescue exhausted their resources. It costs us more and takes resources away from other areas, by not having the Silver Alert. Because our community did not have anything in place for us to help search for my father, we as a family had to also come up with our own search strategies. We setup our own search command centre, had our own google maps for you to plot your own searches in your neighbourhood (search map), had Sky Train Blitzes, held Coffee Watches, visited all the soup kitchens and shelters in the city, and searched nooks and crannies in the city. Many volunteers tirelessly combed the streets and trails to search for my father.

Although my father is still yet to be found, our family wants to spare future families the pain and torment of having a loved one go missing.

A volunteer has set up an online petition. Please sign and share this with your network to save future families the anguish of having a loved one go missing.

UPDATE - Saturday, June 21st, 2014

Silver Alert Update:

It's been well over a month since I've sent my letters to the Seniors Advocate and the Health Minister. I have not received a reply from either of them. In the meantime, I've met with local MLA Doug Horne and MLA Linda Reimer.

Linda Reimer informed me that the government is working on creating regulation for care facilities with patients with Alzheimer's. This involves having access codes at care facilities. I mentioned that this was great for the care facilities. However, I believe this is not enough, since wandering can happen at any stage particularly when Alzheimer patients are at home. She further mentioned that the government has made 'progress' by implementing the Missing Persons Act, and that the government is currently monitoring the Silver Alert in Ontario.

The government had concerns that such a program would take away from the Amber Alert. The Justice Minister also had concerns that with the aging population, too many alerts would go out. I also kindly mentioned with a smile that 32 states and New York City have this program in place with a high success rate, and have overcome these concerns. In addition, I've received a letter from Superintendent RCMP Claude Wilcott expressing his support for the Silver Alert. The RCMP are a major influence in getting this legislation passed.

My meeting with Linda Reimer ended with her mentioning that she would set up a meeting with me and the Seniors Advocate. Well, I have yet to hear from the Senior Advocate or the Health Minister...

In just 5 years, as many as 50% more Canadians and their families could be facing Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia. This needs to be a pressing issue.

I urge you to please write our Seniors Advocate and Health Minister to take action and to hold them accountable:

1) Isobel Mackenzie, Seniors Advocate
Office of the Seniors Advocate
1-2, 1515 Blanshard Street
Victoria, BC V8W 3C8

or email her at:

2) Hon. Dr. Terry Lake
618-B Tranquille Road
Kamloops, BC V2B 3H6

Isobel Mackenzie named B.C.'s first Seniors Advocate -

UPDATE - Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

For the past few weeks, I've been meeting with politicians and strategizing on how to bring the “Silver Alert” to our communities.

A couple of weeks ago, I sent my own proposal to Isobel Mackenzie, the Seniors Advocate, asking her to consult with Health Minister Lake to introduce a provincial bill for the Silver Alert. I haven't heard from them, but have met with Doug Horne and will be meeting with Linda Reimer in June. I was pleased to hear that local politicians are on board with having the Silver Alert and agreed to help with my proposal to the government.

I also sent multiple copies of this letter to the Alzheimer's Society of B.C, the local mayors, the Superintendent of the Coquitlam RCMP, Port Moody Police, and Coquitlam Search and Rescue. They're all on board with supporting me with the Silver Alert Program. The Superintendent of the Coquitlam RCMP also sent me a letter expressing his support.

I want to put a call out to the public to ask for your support for this bill, and encourage you to write the Seniors Advocate and Health Minister Lake to show your support.

Here's the hard cold reality…Many Canadian families will be dealing with Alzheimer's:

  • An estimated 500,000 Canadians have Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia.
  • 1 in 11 Canadians over the age of 65 has Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia.
  • In just 5 years, as many as 50% more Canadians and their families could be facing Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia.
  • Within a generation, the number of Canadians with Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia will more than double, ranging between 1 and 1.3 million people (Source: Alzheimer's Society of Canada).
  • 60% of Alzheimer patients do wander.

Did you know the Silver Alert does not need a large budget? The same infrastructure and resources currently being used by the Amber Alert can be used for the Silver Alert. It'll cost the government more and take away resources from Search and Rescue and the RCMP by not having the Silver Alert. Search and Rescue specialize in wilderness searches and do not specialize in urban searches. Currently there isn't a formalized search group or search strategies in place for missing Alzheimer and dementia patients. Our community is ill equipped to look for Alzheimer and dementia patients, thus we need the Silver Alert!

There are some concerns that the Silver Alert would take away from the Amber Alert and there are also privacy concerns. I think these are preliminary concerns, since this is the first time the Silver Alert has been proposed in B.C. I'm glad the discussion for the Silver Alert has started. Jurisdictions with the Silver Alert program have had the same concerns, but were able to successfully overcome these concerns.

I realize the Silver Alert will not change my family's situation. However, many more will go missing. Many with Alzheimer's have already gone missing in the past, but sadly you don't hear about it. Our family's mission is to save future families the pain, turmoil, and anguish of looking for a loved one.

Please join me in getting this bill passed in B.C and eventually across Canada. Your unwavering support has kept our family together and is the result of me wanting to advocate for this bill to be passed. There is overwhelming public support for this program. We need to take a stand and bring the Silver Alert to our communities.

With your support, we have the best opportunity at making this bill become a reality. I urge you to please share this post and to respectfully write our Health Minister and Seniors Advocate:

Hon. Dr. Terry Lake
Room 337, Parliament Buildings
Victoria, BC V8V 1X4


Isobel Mackenzie, Seniors Advocate
Office of the Seniors Advocate
1-2, 1515 Blanshard Street
Victoria, BC
V8W 3C8

UPDATE - Monday, April 7th, 2014

"As long as I don't forget my wife, my daughter Rebecca, and my son Sam, nothing else matters" - Shin Noh

7 months ago my father was with us. We would go for sushi every Friday night. He'd help me run errands for my fitness studio and he'd even help clean the studio for me. He was so pleased to be helping out. I am so lucky to have had a great relationship with my father. During this time he was coherent and knew exactly what was happening to him. He knew he was losing his ability to perform day-to-day abilities. I remember him saying, "As long as I don't forget my wife, my daughter Rebecca, and my son Sam, nothing else matters". It crushed my heart every time he mentioned it.

To describe Alzheimer's, it's like dying with your eyes open… It was heartbreaking to watch my dad deteriorate before our eyes. My dad is a very educated man. (I prefer to use the present tense). He graduated from Yonsei University, considered one of the top universities in Korea. I remember him always being occupied with an abundance of books. Each room of the house had an extensive library. My dad's very witty and full of wisdom. If you ask him a question, he always has an answer and spoke the truth whether you wanted to hear it or not. I saw my father as being very genuine, down to earth, and well liked.

Some days I thought he was getting better. Some that knew him, didn't even realize he had Alzheimer's. However as time passed, it was evident that he was having more 'bad' days than 'good' days. Typical tasks such as differentiating a fork from a spoon became increasingly difficult. It was also difficult on my mom as the care giving duties increased. My father frequently wanted to go outside for a walk and could never understand when we wouldn't let him. He would get angry and storm out. Yes, we wish we could have done more. I don't think we really understood the disease. It was hard on us as much as it was hard on my father. We eventually discussed that we would need to have him administered to a care facility, which absolutely devastated him. I remember seeing the depression and pain in his eyes.

Now, it's been over 6 months. Seconds quickly pass, minutes and days go on, weeks and months fly by. Life seems to move on around me, although my reality still remains the same. My father has yet to be found. My family is still waiting for him to return or for something to surface. It's amazing that my father is still missing to this day. I've watched episodes of Dateline NBC of people going missing. Never thought it would hit so close to home. It feels surreal. My heart aches as I try to conceptualize how my father is still missing and how we don't know where he is. It's mentally and physically excruciating going up a trail looking for clues and scanning the roads looking at every face while I drive around.

Every waking moment, my thoughts are still occupied with memories of my father. Although much time has passed, I still don't know how to deal with him missing. Having a loved one go missing isn't a natural process of life. Neither is cancer, disease, or murder. All of them are horrible and no one is deserving of any of them.

There are so many unanswered questions. How do you conceptualize that a family member is missing and how do you decide if they're alive or dead? It takes immense effort to vanish from the face of the earth, even if you tried to intentionally. People running from the law who try to hide are typically caught. How could a man with Alzheimer's go missing when he's not trying to go missing?

Maybe we've been spared by not having to see dad regress even further as his Alzheimer's progressed, but I'm not ready to go down that road. Maybe I'll find peace one day that he left doing what he loved. Maybe one day, I will. But for now, I am still determined to find him one way or another. I'll continue to look for him. Searching is part of my reality.

I want to end by saying how grateful my family is towards our community. I can't help but think how different our situation would be without your support. I am really hoping something positive comes from all of this. The community support has been amazing and still is. It blows me away that so many people who have never met my father, or have even met our family, have gone out of their way to try to help. I'm extremely touched and your ongoing compassion has changed me as a man. I am indebted to my community and mark my words, we will make the Silver Alert Bill a reality. As long as I'm alive, I'll be aggressively pushing to pass this bill so other families do not have to go through this.

Noh Family at Rebecca's wedding

UPDATE - Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Pleased to hear that Selina Robinson met with the Health Minister, Terry Lake, today regarding the Silver Alert.

"Within a generation, the number of Canadians with Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia will more than double." We need the Silver Alert in our communities. I'm sure there's huge public support for this bill to become legislation.

UPDATE - Friday, March 21st, 2014

This week we celebrated my niece's 2nd birthday. Even more heart breaking not having my father present to celebrate his granddaughter's birthday. Natalee brought so much joy to my father. My dad would frequently ask mom when Natalee would be coming over.

If you haven't seen this video, this video is of Natalee searching and calling out for her grandpa. He needs to be found!

Natalee was out today searching for Grandpa today. Sam and Becky call their dad "Apah" in Korean.
Natalee copies them and calls her Grandpa "Apah". She misses Grandpa.

UPDATE - Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Today marks the 6 month mark of my dad's mysterious disappearance. It's still hard to grasp the reality that my father is missing. It seems like yesterday, I was taking my dad out for sushi, which we typically did every week. He would also ride along with me, while I did errands for my fitness studio. Memories of my dad are still very present and I'm still constantly thinking about him every waking moment, and sometimes even dreaming about him. I'm still not sure how to move "forward". I like to say, "move forward" rather than "move on", because moving on sounds like we're leaving him behind.

I'm also still driving around looking at faces on the street, looking at faces when at restaurants, and when I'm at the super market. Do I think he's alive? I hope for a miracle that he's surviving. I don't know. I'd think if he is alive, we would have found him already. If he is alive, he would have to be with someone. I don't see him aimlessly walking the streets alone. He wouldn't know where to go to find food and shelter. On the other hand, if he wasn't alive, I think something should have surfaced already. All I can do right now is test out theories and rule them out.

On Saturday, a group of us searched parts of the trails stemming from the Harper Pin. We found a bible and a bone of an animal, which are unrelated to my dad. We're hoping to get some dogs in that area to comb the trails. As well, once the weather warms up, I'd like to search the trails further north. I'm drawn to the Burke Mountain Trails north of the Harper Pin, and also drawn to Quarry Road. 75% of Alzheimer patients travel in a South Westerly direction. However, my dad traveled in a North Easterly direction, which is in the direction of the Harper Pin and Quarry Road. With many access points to the vast network of trails in Burke Mountain, I'm drawn to further search this area.

On behalf of my family, I'd like to thank all of you for your amazing support. Your support has kept our family strong. When my father was with us, our family felt alone to battle Alzheimer's. Even though my dad's still missing, we don't feel alone anymore. Your support is a huge blessing.


UPDATE - Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

I traveled to the B.C Legislature today with my brother in law, to support the bill for the Silver Alert. We were pleased to hear about the introduction of this bill for the Silver Alert. Although this doesn't change our situation, we want to save other families the pain and anguish from going through this. It's like walking up each day in hell. The "not knowing" is excruciating. I wake up each day hoping to wake up from this nightmare….

Had there been the Silver Alert, my father would already have been found. Currently our community does not have a strategy in place. I learned today that the province does not need a huge budget for the Silver Alert. We already have the infrastructure in place with the Amber Alert, which can be used for the Silver Alert. It'll cost the province more, by not having a Sliver Alert in place.

We thank Selina Robinson for putting this bill together and hope the Ministry of Health will take action and put this system in place in our communities, as many more will be diagnosed with Alzheimer's and many more will wander.

UPDATE - Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Currently, we have very few leads. We are desperately asking for the public's assistance in spreading the word that he's still missing. Many are aware of his disappearance and we've all tried what we could to find him. However, there are still people who are unaware of his disappearance. Someone has to know something. My father cannot just vanish without a trace.

So we are renewing our plea for the safe return of my father, Shin Noh. Now that the search has been ongoing for over 4 months, we feel a need to consider other strategies and post a reward for his safe return.

After much discussion and consideration, our family has decided to post a reward of $10,000 for information leading the safe return of my father. There was much debate about a reward during the initial stages of our search. Some felt we should have done this earlier; however, we were receiving an abundance of leads. We were concerned that a reward during the initial stages would generate too many false leads and exhaust search efforts already stretched thin. As well, the safety of our volunteers has always been a concern.

Please share this new poster with your network on Facebook, emails, and in person. We will be targeting the homeless community and also the ethnic community such as the Chinese community and others who aren't fully aware of his disappearance. We have posters available in English and Chinese at the Search HQ, and also available for download here: English version and Chinese version.

As we feel the most probable place he could be is in or near the Downtown east-side, we recently distributed these posters as flyers through Canada Post to over 7500 homes in this area. It may be a long-shot, but we hope this brings awareness to anyone living there who may know something...anything.

We thank the following for making this reward poster possible:

  • Michael Hwang of Amicus Lawyers
  • Marlene for her continued help in making this and past posters
  • Pastor Will and the Coquitlam Church Christ of China the for their translation of the poster to Chinese
  • PDQ Post Group, for their help in mailing out the flyers

The Noh family would also like to again thank you for your support and strength during this difficult time. We hope my dad's disappearance will continue to bring a positive change in our community and will lead to the creation of strategies in our community for finding seniors with Alzheimer's who wander, and improving their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Many have also tirelessly donated their time and resources to search for my dad and sometimes it seems like in vain, since we haven't found him yet. But we believe every effort counts and we are moved by how his disappearance has brought the whole community together. Literally thousands have helped search for my dad, even during the wee hours of the night. We realize many have searched on their own and contributed either by praying or spreading the word. We deeply thank every one of you.


UPDATE - Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

*The picture is of me and my dad on the airplane heading to Korea last year. I took a picture of Dad making a funny face pretending to be scared of flying to send to my mom*

It's been 4 months, since my dad vanished. I was hoping as time went on, I would be able to cope and come to closure with dad missing. Time is supposed to heal, but that hasn't happened yet. Every waking moment whether I'm at work, at home, or out driving, 80% of my head space is occupied with where the heck is he? I've read blogs of families who have a loved one missing. Closure does eventually happen, but it takes 10 times as long compared to receiving closure from a loved one dying. I don't blame anyone for coming to their own conclusions, whether he is alive or deceased. I'm just not ready to go down the road that we may never find him. I'm going to believe that my dad is alive and that he won't pass on so easily. I'm going to continue to search. Searching has become part of my life and my grieving process.

I'm currently feeling anger and frustration, which I suspect is part of my grieving process. I wish I had done more. Dad devoted his life to God and tirelessly helped the community, including the homeless community by distributing sandwiches. Before dad went missing, I lived with resentment towards some select members of the community, who caused our family distress in the past. Consequently, I alienated myself from "that community" and had an immense hate on them. The irony is they popped back in our lives with dad missing, helping to search for him. I have to admit there is such a thing as forgiveness, and I'm ready to put that resentment behind me. People talk about a greater meaning for all of us. I'm not sure what that exactly is right now. What I do know is my heart has grown bigger with the immense support from family, friends, and the community. If only dad knew how he's brought everyone together.

I do feel our family was ill equipped to deal with this, and hope our situation will bring a positive change for families who will be dealing with Alzheimer's in the future. From the point of diagnosis by his GP, there wasn't any discussion about wandering or the potential of him getting lost. I suppose this had to do with a lack of awareness of this disease or that it wasn't within their scope of practice to inform us? Our medical system and community currently lack resources and strategies to deal with dementia. However, I'm outraged that our GP didn't submit my dad's referral papers to see a specialist, until 8 months after being diagnosed. The reason for this is unknown. Such valuable time lost! Once we did see a specialist after a 1 year of being diagnosed by our GP, our specialist discussed treatment methods, the different stages of Alzheimer's, care giving and even mentioned he could go for walks and bike rides. He just couldn't drive anymore, since his reaction time would be off. Again, there was no discussion about wandering. Perhaps, the specialist didn't feel it was his responsibility to warn us? I can understand that, but I'm sure he had patients who wandered??? Furthermore, the Alzheimer's Society "recently" published a "Wandering Kit", although wandering by Alzheimer patients have been known for quite some time. Once again, greater awareness for this disease is needed. I really think GPS tracking devices is the best preventative method. Yes, there are privacy issues with this. Aren't most of you on Facebook and don't most of you have a smart phone? Your privacy has already been compromised. Our family did think wandering was a possibility but suspected this would happen in the late stages of the disease. We now know a high percentage of Alzheimer patients do wander and get lost, and that it can happen at any stage of the disease. But how do you constrain a grown adult? It's like incarcerating him against his will.

I hope my dad's story will bring about a positive change to spare many other families who will be dealing with this. "In just five years, as many as 50 per cent more Canadians and their families could be facing Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia." I believe there are preventative measures that can be taken before issuing a Silver Alert. I'm pleased the Ministry of Health will be launching the First Link Program, "designed to connect individuals and families affected by Alzheimer's disease or another dementia with services and support as soon as possible after diagnosis".

Although I haven't been posting much lately, I personally read all your messages and I am overwhelmed by your support. Your messages provide strength and hope. We will be mailing out a 7,500 piece direct mail campaign this week in a select "ethnic" populated area, and will be rolling out with some other strategies. I'm not giving up. Stay tuned for details… God Bless you all.

LATEST UPDATE - Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Happy New Year and Happy 65th birthday dad!

Where are you?

UPDATE - Monday, December 23rd, 2013

This video clip was taken 1 year ago today. I bet you can't tell that dad has Alzheimer's. Dad can entertain and makes great company, so if he's with someone I can see why they wouldn't want to give him up!

This Christmas will be difficult without my dad but we'll still celebrate it for my niece's sake and because of the fact that we still have a strong family that dad helped build. However, I'm not looking forward to January 1. It will be dad's 65th birthday. I wake up each day hoping to wake up to a new reality with dad being found. Friday night was always Sushi night for us and it's been a while since we went! The Noh family is taking care of ourselves and will stay strong. However, we battle each day trying to find the answer to how do we move forward with life with him missing? I'm not talking about moving on without him, but how do we continue to pursue our goals and passions in life with him missing? The second question I ponder with is, how do we deal with the unknown of not knowing if he's alive or not, and where he is? I can argue it both ways. I don't see him passing on so easily. Where is his body? I can see him thinking we've abandoned him, since he can't find us. He may not be looking for home. It's mentally excruciating to not know...

What We're Going To Do:

1) We'll be targeting ethnic communities who may be unexposed to Canadian Media. The Chinese community is where we'll start. We'll be setting up a direct mail campaign and door to door flyer drop campaign in strategic areas. We feel if he's with someone, he will be in an apartment building without an easily accessible exit. We'll also continue to build awareness with the homeless community.

2) Currently we're working on setting up a reward and figuring out the legal issues attached with it. We don't come from a wealthy family. Dad's a pastor and mom's a hard working violin teacher. Enough said. However, we'll come up with the money somehow when we find him! We feel that this is the time to set up a reward. During the initial stages, we were worried about too many false sightings further exhausting our efforts. Now we're not getting many sightings and leads so we're hoping to heighten the awareness of him still being missing.

3) We'll be setting up a fundraiser to help set up a reward, fund search efforts, and to raise awareness for Alzheimer's. Additional proceeds with be donated to a charity like the Alzheimer's Society or an organization helping raise the awareness of Alzheimer's and/or an organization that will lead to the creation of the Silver Alert. We'll figure the details out shortly.

Happy Holidays!

UPDATE - Monday, December 16th, 2013

When I initially heard of the body found at Hazel and Coast Meridian in Burke Mountain, my heart dropped. This was only a block away from my dad's "Mennonite" sighting. However my gut was telling me something didn't add up. We scoured Burke Mountain. I was in that location with my brother in law, Joe, a number of times over the past months. I'm also confident my dad wouldn't keel over and pass on that easily.

It's been confirmed that the body found in Burke Mountain is NOT Shin Noh. Investigators are still working on identifying the body.

Link to news article on this discovery.

UPDATE - Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Updates for this week:

Global will be covering a story on the Silver Alert at 6pm and 11pm today (Dec 13). At 7pm, they'll air a story on BC1: Video link

Globe & Mail story - "B.C. urged to adopt Silver Alert plan to locate missing seniors with dementia": Story link

Sam Noh, son of Shin Ik Noh who went missing from Coquitlam in September,
is photographed near a missing person poster of his father in Port Moody,
British Columbia, Wednesday, December 11, 2013. Sam is advocating for a silver alert,
that would be like amber alerts for kids.- (Rafal Gerszak for the Globe and Mail)

UPDATE - December 6th, 2013

With the cold weather, Christmas around the corner, and dad still missing, it's been very difficult to get back to our lives. I freaked out when I first saw a Christmas tree. We hope to find him by Christmas. The thought of also spending New Years without my father is upsetting. Dad's birthday lands on January 1, which would be his 65th birthday.

The Noh Family continues to search daily. I don't think our lives will ever be the same. We're back at work and trying to take care of ourselves. Dad would want it this way. He didn't raise a fool for a son! We really just want closure. We want to find him alive of course. We do have a theory that he was taken in by someone or is with the homeless, and that dad isn't looking for home anymore. Yes, I know it's just me being hopeful. He may think that his family has abandoned him. When I went to Korea with my dad this year, his Alzheimer's kicked in big time. He wanted to go home and was upset that mom didn't go with him, and that she was trying to get rid of him. Dad doesn't do well without mom by his side. If he isn't alive, our family has a duty to bring him to proper resting place. I will continue to search until I find him. You might find me walking along Lougheed Hwy tomorrow and along Hoy Creek. I walked a part of Lougheed today and found ditches and homeless camps you can't see by driving it.


  • We're still receiving some tips from the downtown area. However, we were able to rule out the Hastings and Templeton sightings. The man in the picture below is not my father.
  • The Cadaver/Rescue dogs went out three times near his confirmed sightings in Burke Mountain and Coast Merdian but found nothing.
  • A local MLA reached out to our family to discuss bringing the Silver Alert to Canada. She will be discussing the Silver Alert to her caucus in the New Year. Currently, there is no system or strategy in place for looking for a senior with dementia who wanders. There's also no designated urban Search and Rescue group for this. Search and Rescue specialize in wilderness searches. We believe with the Silver Alert, we would have found him already. Alzheimer's is on the rise and many seniors with dementia will wander. We want to save Canadian families the grief and anguish of looking for a loved one. We don't want anyone of you to go through this. Our community needs a strategy and system in place.

UPDATE - November 24th, 2013

Thank you to 7 volunteer fire fighters from Burnaby/Mission and 8 rescue/cadaver dogs, including 1 puppy in training! They're consulting with the RCMP to determine high probable areas to search. These dogs are also trained to look for articles of clothing. They'll be going out again multiple times this week. We pray God will provide us with some answers.

UPDATE - Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

We'll be in the Food Court at International Village in Chinatown on Sunday between 1pm to 4pm with flyers and cards available for pick up. We'll also have Chinese version of our flyers.

The goal for tomorrow is to target the non-English-speaking Chinese community since this community may not be aware of dad's disappearance. I know it sounds far fetched, but I wish he's been taken in by an ethnic group of people unaware of his situation perhaps thinking that he's homeless. Dad would be great company. He's easy to talk to and good at doing the dishes!

Help wanted! Please! If you're available to come out to help distribute flyers, please meet us at the Food Court at International Village. Please call (604) 996-1111 for assistance.

UPDATE - Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Dad's still out there. Not giving up. Thank you to all volunteers for your support. It means a lot to our family and you have given our family hope and strength during this difficult time.

UPDATE - Friday, November 15th, 2013

Saturday Nov. 16th Search in Surrey: We'll be at Blenz Coffee at 13450-102nd Ave. on the SFU campus with posters and flyers available to pick up. With transit sightings, SkyTrain stations like Surrey Central is a probable station. (Facebook Event Page)

The goal is to hand out cards with my dad's photo to taxi cab drivers and at soup kitchens/shelters. Also, we want to post flyers in high foot traffic areas and businesses near Surrey Central Station to build continual awareness. Feel free to contact us at (604) 996-1111


Possible Alzheimer's-Food Connection: When dad first got diagnosed, I raided my parents fridge and posted this on my parents whiteboard. Dad didn't necessary eat these foods. Although, Korean food is high in sodium and rice is a main staple in Korean cuisine.

Interestingly, David Suzuki believes that Alzheimer's DOES NOT have a genetic factor. I always thought there was a strong genetic correlation. Further research needs to be done. Some scientists believe there's a connection between diabetes and Alzheimer's, and that diet is linked to Alzheimer's. Fast-foods and processed foods high in "nitrosamine" have a strong correlation with Alzheimer's. Food manufacturing methods have changed throughout the decades, and "nitrosamine" in food has increased almost directly proportional with Alzheimer's.


Virtual Search Card: We have an environmentally friendly version of our cards to help identify dad. Please download and try the Shin Noh Verification mobile app on your mobile phone or device at

UPDATE - Sunday, November 10th, 2013

We'll be at Waves at Main and Cordova tomorrow between 10am to 5pm. We invite you to come down to pick up some cards and posters.

There will be many people downtown tomorrow for the Remembrance day ceremony. After the ceremony, there's an opportunity to hand out cards to people in the downtown area to continue to build awareness. Please do this in a respectful manner.

To sign up for a soup kitchen watch, please visit

Please confirm your attendance at

Thank you!


David Suzuki will be doing an episode on Alzheimers on the Nature of Things on Thursday, November 14. Prof. Suzuki's mom also had Alzheimer's.

UPDATE - Thursday, November 7th, 2013

I know it's been a few days since I've posted. It's been physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally exhausting. Our family continues to search and pray daily for my father. We know he's out there. We believe if he wasn't alive, we would have found him by now. People walk the trails daily with their dogs. We need to find him either way. I'm praying that dad is still alive. I have faith and hope that he is alive. Dad is resilient and has God watching him. Dad is also very conscious and aware of people. Some, who have interacted with dad at church, mentioned they didn't even realize he had Alzheimer's.

I wish I had the answers to why he hasn't asked anyone for help. Perhaps at this point, dad is unaware that he's lost. Although weeks have gone by, it might seem like only a few days has gone by for him. Maybe he's been taken in by "Chinese" or ethic homeless people who have limited communication with the outside world. However, why would anyone take in a man with Alzheimer's? Or maybe he met a lonely widow with a mental illness? Where would he have met this widow? It seems farfetched. Perhaps he went in a stranger's car and was driven to an area that dad remembered at the time. There are people who are still unaware of dad missing. We recently discovered 3 months ago, a stranger found him wandering in his neighbourhood in the Ozada area near Town Centre. We met this man a couple of weeks ago and he showed us his GPS. Dad remembered his address at the time and asked the nice man not to drop him off in front of home, since dad didn't want to concern his family and was worried about getting in trouble from mom. When the cops found him in June wandering near Dewdney and Lougheed, he told them that he lived in Port Moody. Was he in fact picked up by a stranger and driven to an area or landmark he remembered such as Port Moody, Port Moody Library, Bunzten Lake, the Lighthouse Seamen's Centre, Rocky Point Park, or Golden Ears?

For the upcoming weekend, we will be focusing near his confirmed sightings going door to door in these areas, with the goal of building continued awareness and to gather information about the nooks and crannies in these areas. As well, we will continue to search the downtown area and at Soup Kitchens, since there are sightings of him in the downtown area. If dad did go on transit, Waterfront is high probable station he would have ended up at. Dad loves bodies of water. From Waterfront, you can also see the North Vancouver Port which dad frequently visited as a missionary for the Lighthouse Seamen's Centre. He also frequented the Port at Rocky Point Park and the Port in Delta as a Lighthouse Seamen's missionary. To this day, he still remembers going there and was devastated when he lost his position as his Alzheimer's progressed.

Upcoming Search Events:

1) On Saturday November 9th, we will be revisiting the "Mennonite" Sighting, confirmed sighting #2 @ Lincoln and Coast Meridian, and the "plausible" sighting at Galloway Park. We will be canvassing these areas going door to door to build ongoing awareness and to gather information about the nooks and crannies of these areas. We're also hoping to receive a new tip from residents in this area. We will be meeting in the parking lot of 7-Eleven at David and Coast Meridian in Port Coquitlam at 10am and will be sectioning off different areas to go door to door. Please visit to RSVP for this event at

2) On Monday, November 11th, we will be searching in the downtown area at Soup Kitchens and select areas. Our meeting point will be at Waves located at Main and Cordova. We will be there from 10am to 5pm. To join this search event, please visit

Please contact us for more info at our contact page.

Thank you Shin Noh Search Community for your support!

UPDATE - Friday, November 1st, 2013

Because of the rain and colder weather, dad will be indoors. Due to the many sightings from witnesses who have heard about dad missing hours after they've seen him, please continue to build awareness in areas listed below. Building awareness and handing out cards have generated sightings and leads, which increases our chance of finding dad. We have cards available for pick up at Eagle Ridge Fitness at 2624 St Johns Street in Port Moody, and at Bump N Grind at 916 Commercial Dr, Solo Market at 2621 Commercial Dr.

Places of Interest to Build Awareness:

1.High Traffic SkyTrain Stations - Waterfront, Commercial Dr/ Broadway, Metrotown and New Westminster SkyTrain Stations.
*He would follow the crowd to get on and off. We believe he will not randomly get off on a station

2. Free Meal Programs, Food Banks, and Soup Kitchens around the DTES
*In order for him to survive this long, dad will be visiting Soup Kitchens and accessing free meal programs.

For meal programs in the DTES, please refer to the spreadsheet: meals program spreadsheet - "DTES soup-kitchens & shelters" tab

3. Malls and Food Courts - Waterfront Centre, Pacific Centre, Sinclair Centre: "Food Courts DT/WF" tab

4. Coffee Watches at High Foot Traffic Areas - *Mcdonalds is giving away free coffee and dad does recognize the Mcdonald's symbol: "Coffee Watch" tabs

If you receive a potential sighting from a witness, please interview the witness by asking:

1) When and where did you see Shin?
2) Which direction was he heading?
3) What was the weather like that day?
4) What do you remember him wearing? Did he have a jacket or hat on? Was he wearing dark or light coloured clothing?
5) What was his behaviour like? Was he happy, sad, confused, or unresponsive?
6) On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being most certain, how certain are they?
7) Get the name and phone number of the witness for potential follow up and questioning.

Please call our HQ (604) 996-1111, private message, or email your sighting information at instead of posting publicly on our fan page. We want to effectively and efficiently utilize everyone's efforts instead of having people pursue a "improbable" lead. We will filter leads to confirm the credibility of these leads and to predict a trend of these sightings. If we're getting credible leads and sightings in one particular area, we will broadcast a Sighting Blitz.

We miss you dad. We will find you...

UPDATE - Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

After the large search on Saturday, the past few days we have mainly responded to reports on potential sightings and randomly walked and drove around the downtown area. But with the latest 'sightings' in the Downtown and the Commercial Drive areas, the time and distance to respond to these hot-tips has become much more taxing for most of us in the Tri Cities. We generally stay in the Downtown core once we are there but we need to tend to other matters back at home. So some drives can be over an hour, especially when we have a hot-tip that is reported during rush hour.

We would like to continue with our plan we posted previously, but this time focused in the Downtown/Commercial areas:

1. Scouting & Building Awareness - this is about gathering and giving information. Examples include: planned searches, handing out cards, putting posters, and coffee watches. I think most of the residents in the DTES are aware by now and we need to extend awareness to others in that area. As many people work but do not live in the Downtown area during the day, it would be good for people to help hand out cards during weekdays to build awareness to this group of "watchers".

2. Sighting Blitz - this is a systematic approach to dealing with a very recent hot-tip. We are seeking 3-4 "coordinators" who live or work close to the Downtown or Commercial Drive areas. Your role would be to simply respond quickly to any hot-tips that we receive in your area and to communicate directly with a member of the Noh family. We would then "establish base" at the closest coffee shop or fast food outlet where the sighting occurred and any available "coordinator" would go to that "base" and assign volunteers to fan-out from there. Depending on the situation these could take 1/2 hr to 2 hrs of your time. We would make a call out for volunteers in that area to come help as we did in previous Blitzes. However to further organize these for faster and larger response, we would like to recruit people living or working in these areas to be on a "foot-soldier stand-by list" (i.e. Facebook conversation) we can call upon should a sighting occur.

Therefore we ask volunteers to step up as a local "coordinator" or "foot-soldier" by contacting us.

Although we will plan for weekend searches, to make the best use of reported sightings, we feel that focusing on these Sightings Blitzes give us a better chance of finding Dad.

It is now entering the 42nd day of my Dad's disappearance. It's also starting to get colder. So we need to balance our energy and resources with the increasing sense of urgency to find my Dad. We ask that you help increase our energy and resources by enlisting on this search as a local "coordinator" or on our "stand-by list".

Example Blitz Radius of Downtown and Commercial Drive Areas
(click map for larger scale)

If you haven't already, please join one or more of these "regional groups" to participate and receive updates and sightings in your area:

  a. NorthEast Region - Pitt Meadows / Maple Ridge |

  b. TriCities Region - Coq/PoMo/Poco/Anmore/Belcarra |

  c. New Westminster Region |

  d. Burnaby Region |

  e. Vancouver Region |

  e. Surrey Region |

Thank you for your love, support, and strength during this difficult time.

UPDATE - Saturday, October 26th, 2013

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that came out to today's Downtown/Commercial Area search. We had people come out as far as Port Coquitlam on transit and many new people coming out that heard about it yesterday.

Although we were very disappointed we didn't find him today, we got lots of positive response from the people in the area. Many of them knew of Dad's disappearance and all were open to keeping their eyes out for him. Our volunteers handed out thousands of cards and they seemed to be effective. We received lots of potential sightings from the public as we spoke to them, but it's difficult to consider their validity as the information varied in description. However, after taking in all of what we've seen and heard, it seems to us he is somewhere in this area.

With that said, we feel we are getting closer and we will continue our search in this general area. We have heard back that most people on Commercial Drive know about the situation. And based on what we have heard from our volunteers today, it seems the best search locations may be in the Waterfront (WF01, WF03), Downtown East-side (DTES01, DTES02), and Strathcona (STCN01) areas (see map below)--basically areas that hug the waterfront.

For tomorrow (Sunday Oct 27th), we encourage people to search in the areas shown in the map below, as well as shopping malls, centres and food courts. Please post your search intentions in the corresponding Facebook page to "check-in", and then post your findings/search notes afterwards to "check-out" (those not on Facebook can contact us by phone or email).

From 1pm-6pm we will setup a coffee watch at Waves at the corner of Main and Cordova and have posters and cards available for pickup there. Alternatively, people can pick-up them up at Bump N Grind Cafe at Commercial and Venables. Please call or email search HQ for assistance or information.

Focused Search Map
(click map for larger scale)

UPDATE - Friday, October 25th, 2013

BIG Search Party for Saturday, October 26, 10AM to 5PM

We will be meeting at Main and Terminal at Thorton Park on Saturday, October 26, starting at 10am and running until 5pm. We prefer the majority to start at 10am, but we will have continuous waves of searches over the day, so come out anytime between 10AM and 4PM (we will close the search at 5PM).

Please see below for additional details:

Grid Search Event

Time: Saturday October 26th between 10AM - 5PM
Where: Meet at Thornton Park (NE corner Main & Terminal/Main SkyTrain Station)

Search Area: We will be covering Commercial Drive and Downtown Eastside either on foot, bike, in your vehicle or set up coffee watches at high traffic areas.

1) Active Sweep Volunteers required to check-in, assigned a search area, and check-out

2) Observation Volunteers also required at "Coffee Watches" to watch for Mr. Shin Noh at various coffee shops and street-side outlets.

Search Map
(click to go to Google Maps page)

To join the search, please visit


  • Respect areas we search in and the people who live there
  • Searches will vary by foot, bike, and vehicles
  • Prepare for the weather - wear layered clothing, hiking shoes (no flip flops)
  • Have your phones charged
  • Mostly paid parking (meters or paid lots). Suggest taking SkyTrain/transit, cycle or walk-make it a sustainable search!
  • Safety is paramount! Ensure you watch for cars, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Please share this post with your friends, and let's get as many volunteers out to bring dad home!

UPDATE - Thursday, October 24th, 2013

It feels like we are getting close thanks to volunteers building awareness.

We've received numerous sightings from the Commercial Dr. area and are starting to receive sightings from the Hastings and Main area.

Sightings from the Commercial Drive Area:

1. Saturday Oct 12th on Commercial Dr at East 3rd Ave around 5pm - Witness said she saw "Dad" wearing a tan rain/gortex jacket, thigh length. Witness was at the cross walk with "Dad" waiting to cross. She mentioned he had some facial hair, was happy, and talked about how busy the intersection was. After watching videos of him, he is definitely sure it was him and recognizes Dad's unique facial features such as his nose.

2. Older man, who was not very talkative, said he's positive he saw him last week walking on Commercial Dr.

3. Giancarlo's sports bar, 1865 Commercial Dr, Vancouver. Owner/server remember someone like Shin over a month ago. He was second guessing himself but took 2 posters.

4. Euro Bakery & Cafe 1468 Commercial Dr. - Owner said someone came in saying that the homeless are feeding him around Commercial Dr. He said if that person comes in again, he will talk to them & call HQ/ambulance/police.

5. A older Lady said that she saw him on the Victoria Street bus heading South around E 54th Ave. She didn't talk to him & was far from him. She wasn't 100% it was him but did say that there's a mental facility around Commercial & Kingsway that we should check.

6. Triple A Market, grocery store at 1626 Commercial Dr. - Owner said a man came in about a week ago to buy some groceries. He thinks it was him but wasn't 100% sure. Was reluctant to call HQ in case it wasn't Shin.

7. Wednesday, October 23 - Witness saw a man that looks exactly like "Dad". He was at the Commercial and Broadway station platform around 2pm. Witness is sure it was him after viewing videos online of him.

Sightings from Hastings Street Area:

1) Thursday, October 17 at 10am to 11am at Oppenheimer Park between Powell and East Cordova.

2) Wednesday, October 23 between 5pm to 7pm. Homeless person (who sells stuff on the street) saw "Dad" on Main and Hastings. Antoinette Purcell has just spoken with the fellow. He recognized Shins face and was positive it was him. Antoinette is in the area right now. And has spoken to this gentleman. The gentleman's name is Bill. Anyone available to speak with people in that area regarding any other sightings?

3) Thursday, October 24 at 8:45am at East Cordova and Hastings. Homeless person was sure it was him. Mentioned "Dad" wore a tan jacket.

Elsewhere in Vancouver:

1) A teacher (name and number of teacher ommited for privacy reasons) from Renfrew Elementary School (Rupert & 22nd Street) called today (Thu Oct 24) at 4:16pm. She said that she was approached by a few students who said they saw Shin at about 3:45pm around the school. The students said they were quite sure the man was Shin. The man has a blue jacket and white/grey facial hair. They said he was walking as if he was drunk and started swearing at the children. He was acting bizarre. He was swinging grocery bags and was wearing a medical bracelet. The students said the man walked towards a bus stop and it looked as though he was getting on a bus. The bus would go to UBC but they weren't sure of the bus number.


All these sightings seem to point towards Dad being in the East and Downtown Vancouver areas. However, some do not sound credible by the witness' own confidence, or the behaviour of "Dad". Also, some conflict with other sightings in other parts of the region. This leads us to highlight the importance of verifying each potential sighting is important. If someone talks to 100 people at a location, 3-5 of those may say they might have seen Dad. These then start to "cross-verify" a strong sense of sightings at that location. But these 3-5 "sightings" could be false and just due to talking to 100 people and if 100 people were asked at another location elsewhere in the region, you may get the same number of 3-5 "sightings". So by asking enough people about dad, you could possibly "generate" sightings that can start to draw attention to a location. Not having these verified is a drain in volunteer efforts so that is why we need as much verification as possible.

Tips on verifying the credibility of a sighting:

  • a photo or video would be the best--we're still surprised with so many sightings to date, we do not have a photo or video of Dad.
  • ask the witness their sense of how credible their sighting is after seeing his photo and videos (if you have a smartphone you can play the video) Use a scale of 1-10 or 1-100%.
  • note the time, date, location of the sighting. Also note the witness' name and their background (who they are).
  • send the information right away to HQ by email or phone (contact info at

What's next:

****TO support the volunteer efforts at these recent sightings in Vancouver, we have left about 5,000 info cards and hundreds of flyers at Bump N Grind Cafe, located at 916 Commercial Drive. Ask the Barista for materials. They are open from 7am-7pm Mon-Fri and 8am-7pm on Weekends. Thank you Bump 'n' Grind Cafe!****

Stay tuned for more info and thank you everyone for their amazing effort over the past days.

UPDATE - Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Thank you for your patience as we strive to organize our search for Dad. We've come up with two ways everyone can participate at a level they are comfortable with:

1. Scouting & Building Awareness - this is about gathering and giving information. Examples include: planned searches, handing out cards, putting posters, and coffee watches.

2. Sighting Search - this is a systematic approach to dealing with a very recent hot-tip in the region. We would look to the leaders and members of regions where these occur to quickly assemble and assist mass searches for these hot tips.

For each Region, we are looking for a few people to take on the role as leaders to organize these groups and communicate directly with the Noh Family. Please contact us if you are interested.

Please join one or more of these "regional groups" to participate:

  a. NorthEast Region - Pitt Meadows / Maple Ridge |

  b. TriCities Region - Coq/PoMo/Poco/Anmore/Belcarra |

  c. New Westminster Region |

  d. Burnaby Region |

  e. Vancouver Region |

  e. Surrey Region |

As we establish people and leaders in these groups, we will work towards setting up local and wide-area search events. Stay tuned...

UPDATE - Monday, October 21st, 2013

Here's the action plan based on our re-strategy:

1. Search (Business) Cards: We have printed 2,000 cards and we will be printing 10,000 more and continuously as needed. Again the strategy is to hand these out for people to keep so they can identify Dad if they happen to come upon him.

You can pick these cards up at HQ and at "satellite HQs" which will be impromptu locations such as coffee shops in other areas at a certain date and time for volunteers to grab more cards. Also, if there are any businesses in the New West area that could hold these cards for pick-up by volunteers, we'd be grateful for your help.

Please distribute these cards to:

  • cab drivers
  • homeless
  • friends
  • co-workers
  • construction sites/workers
  • at coffee shops
  • at bottle depots, etc.

Keep a few for yourself to be ready to give out to anyone you meet.

We will use our collective contacts here to try and organize distribution directly to:

  • SkyTrain/transit police, attendants, and drivers
  • Canada Post letter carrier
  • churches
  • municipal field crew, etc.

2. Homeless: We should continue to reach out to the homeless for help. Areas we can distribute cards to are:

  • Lions & Gates Park (Poco)
  • New West streets & parks
  • Metrotown/Central Park
  • food banks
  • churches (w/meals programs), etc.

3. Shin Noh Coffee Watch: It seems there is interest in holding coffee sittings/watches at key locations where there is a large volume of foot traffic. These can be arranged by Location and Time. Thanks to Diana Da-Eun Choi and Saehanul Korean Church they are developing an organized plan to deploy their members in a 3 fold strategy: 1) Coffee Sittings, 2) Visiting shelters during meal times, 3) Searches near New West & Columbia station and Royal City Centre area. They are planning to have pairs sit at Tim Horton's, McDonalds, and Subways from 8AM-10PM Mon-Sat. Once we get confirmation on their plan, we will organize coffee sittings around this. Go here to start or join one:

4. Time and Space Strategy: In order to organize searches now that the search area has expanded outside of the TriCities, we have created "Regional Events" which people can join to receive specific updates and search event invites.

The Regions are:

  a. NorthEast Region - Pitt Meadows / Maple Ridge |

  b. TriCities Region - Coq/PoMo/Poco/Anmore/Belcarra |

  c. New Westminster Region |

  d. Burnaby Region |

  e. Vancouver Region |

  e. Surrey Region |

SkyTrain Blitz: will continue to focus around SkyTrain stations (500m radius) to distribute cards and post up flyers. We will also use SkyTrain Blitzes to scout out any potential sightings outside of the above Regions:

UPDATE - Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Today at noon, my cousin Clark and I Met with Mike, the "street person" who offered to show us an insight into how homeless live in New Westminster. He's not homeless anymore but lives in a men's residence on Carnarvon Street. Mike knows the homeless community very well and he is well known by them.

Mike took us up 6th street and gave us insight as to places street people huddle down for the night, such as in bushes near commercial buildings, next to exhaust vents of the Royal City Centre parkade (which blows warm air out at night), and just about anywhere there is cover from the weather and heat from buildings either through exhaust or heat released from the concrete exterior.

Many of the street people hang out in front of malls like Royal City Centre and we met a man and his mom who live nearby and hang out at the mall daily. His name was "Jerry" and he said he saw Dad last Thursday at the New West Salvation Army around 10:30AM for breakfast and that he was wearing jeans and a jean jacket, was clean shaven, and after eating he got up and took a burgundy jacket off the rack and walked out. He said the camera at the back should have recorded him. We were excited as we took note of this and after checking out the mall's food court to see in case Dad could be there, Mike then took us to the Salvation Army (or what they call the "Sally Ann") in New Westminster (325 Sixth Street).

At "Sally Ann", we spoke to the head minister and we were disappointed to learn they do not have a camera in their eating area nor do they serve food on weekdays (only Sat and Sun). We did find a schedule of locations and dates/times of drop-in meals which we took note of and put it in a table format below. It's only this evening we realized that Jerry may have been referring to either Union Gospel Mission or St. Barnabas Church if his date of last Thursday is correct. We will check both out tomorrow and see if they possibly would have had a camera recording events that day.

Afterwards, we took Mike to A&W under New West Station for lunch and we learned more about this amazing man. His story involves being disabled as a welder from the logging industry up north and has been living on the streets and in residence for the past 20 years. He used to own a home and he has two grown kids out of town who are doing well and he seemed to be very proud of them. He keeps in touch with them and visits them every year. He is fighting his own personal battles but he volunteers with Fraser Health to help people reduce the spread of infection from the sharing of needles. We talked about how we all are somewhat addicted to things, whether we live in a mansion or on the streets. It's just some addictions are taboo in society while, others like materialism, are considered 'normal' and in fact encouraged to keep the 'economy growing'...

After our meal, Mike took us down to New West Quay to the new 'Westminster Pier Park' where he said homeless sleep, which makes sense given the 24/7 open washroom and drinking fountains. From there he pointed out places where homeless sleep next to buildings just below to the downtown parking structure.


Mike also pointed out that it doesn't take much (and can be faster than driving in rush hour) to walk to Coquitlam or Burnaby along the boardwalk and paths that hug the Fraser River. Many transients apparently huddle down in places along the path near industrial buildings and even plug in their portable TVs and heaters in outlets in these areas. They can easily invite strangers into their groups with no questions asked and simply share company and drinks. So these paths are a possible search area.

Mike showing us the way

After a few hours with Mike, he had to take off to do some volunteer work and we will continue to keep in touch with him. Some street wisdom from Mike we'd like to share:

  • We learned about the sleeping patterns of street people: they seek dry and warm (which is a relative term as it would be probably freezing cold to most of us) shelter. They typically only get a few hours sleep at most and tend to cat-nap as they are awaken by noises, loud trucks, chills, or security guards and can move around a few times a night. So it is a matter of looking for your next meal and your next 'napping' location for many.

  • The newly constructed New Westminster Station can be a place where street people congregate after dinner time. Many of the street people travel from all ends of SkyTrain and get off at New West Station more these days and less at Columbia Station. New Westminster is relatively a safe place for homeless compared to Downtown Vancouver where it is much more rough and people can be taken advantage of, so we hope Dad isn't there.

The irony wasn't lost to us that possibly homeless people were sheltering Dad, or that Mike, who to some may be considered "lost", was showing us the way. Providing guidance and his wisdom with no strings attached.

So from our 'tour of the real streets of New West' with Mike, and discussing after how to move forward, we have listed the following strategies to take for the next while:

1. Search (Business) Cards: Mike observed that since the initial blitz of posters all over New Westminster, hardly any posters were up on the street lamps, telephone poles, and storefronts as during the last few weeks. There may be a time limit in which all posters are removed by City staff, which we need to respect. So we may need to put up posters again. However another idea we thought of was to give out business cards with Dad's face and information. We found giving out the small hand-outs may be too large in that they are either folded away or misplaced. A smaller business card is something people can easily carry in their wallets and may have a longer life. And it seems about the same time Laura Deck suggested this in her Facebook post so we consider this a validated idea (thanks Laura!). We will print out a large volume of these for distribution for searchers to take from our HQ to distribute to anyone, including street people. Ang Ela also posted for us to distribute information to letter carriers (thanks Ang!) given they cover all streets every day. So we will try and have these distributed to transit police/attendants, drivers, and Canada Post letter carriers.

2. Connecting with the Homeless Community: Below are the locations and date/times where street people usually go for meals. These are great places where we can hand out these search cards. Once we get these cards printed, look for an update to help distribute at these meals. Tracy Musil posted on Facebook today to connect with bottle collectors at local bottle depots. This is a great idea as they cover a wide area. It's about time and space so we need to enlist those that cover much space over all time periods.

(click to enlarge)

3. SkyTrain: Will need to take stock at which stations have been searched and how to systematically cover the stations and vicinity which make sense based on information obtained. My cousin Clark will take this on as his background is in transportation and worked previously at TransLink. He's old-school but finally gave in and got a Facebook account today, which shows how serious this situation has become! Look for updates on this as he stumbles around Facebook.

4. Re-Postering New West: We will need volunteers to put up posters back in key areas in New Westminster. Look out for an update on this event.

5. Coffee Sittings: Given that many people converge at locations such as Tim Hortons, McDonalds, and Subway, and that these are favorite spots for Dad, it makes sense to maybe just sit there and be on the look-out for him. A strategy is to have people take 'shifts' at certain coffee shops/fast-food shops and be on the lookout for Dad. We see many people working or studying at Tim Hortons in New West station, so if people are up for this we could possibly organize 'coffee sittings'. Also a good way for us to meet each other and brainstorm.

6. Continued Search Events: We will continue to plan search events around locations where there were any hot-tips and will look into organizing groups based on where they live.

Some Suggestions:

  • When interacting and speaking to the homeless, please give them full respect and try not to show judgement through your body language. They are moms, dads, sisters, and brothers just like the rest of us.

  • PLEASE ensure you search and lookout for my Dad in a SAFE MANNER. It defeats the purpose if any of you get hurt or cause someone to be hurt while searching. This is especially important for those that are driving, and it's getting dark earlier these days.

Thank you very much for your support, advice, and patience as we move forward in our continued search for my Dad. Look for an update soon!

UPDATE - Saturday, October 19th, 2013

I can't believe it's been over one month since my Dad went missing. From day 1 we were moving with a sense of urgency and it seemed it would be a matter of hours before we find him. Back then we were worried he may have been injured and immobile so the search was in bushes and ditches at the start. But, with the various confirmed and unconfirmed sightings, we have hope he is still alive and somehow surviving. However you want to believe, we have faith he is being attended to by angels every day, just like in some of the sermons he preached on--how God tends to those in need and we may not even know it. Whether they are the supernatural kind or your everyday people, we believe he is being taken care of somehow and his immediate needs are being met.

But the hard reality is that it's over a month now and some days can be emotionally numb, possibly due to the stress of living what seems like two lives: on one hand trying to cope with the demands of the day that we all face like work or tending to family needs; while on the other hand, constantly on the search for my Dad.

Driving in the recent fog that covered most of the region gave me a sense of what it must feel for those suffering with dementia. Unable to see much of what is around you other than what is just ahead in front of you. It was so thick at times I felt lost, barely able to see the street signs. The fog cover also seemed to parallel our search right now, as we're a bit lost and unclear as to what to do next.

But giving up is not an option for our family. So at this moment, I feel we need to shift gears and develop a strategy to ensure we have the best chance of finding my Dad as soon as possible. My cousin and I are going to meet with a homeless person tomorrow who will show us some of the ins and outs of the homeless community. As there have been unconfirmed reports of homeless people taking care of him, and also possibly spending days with him, we feel it would be good to have one strategy focusing on this community and trying to garner their help, but with respect to their situation. The other strategy could be to focus more organization on the SkyTrain corridors as if he is using transit, and it makes sense at least in trying to keep warm in this colder weather, we need to somehow use our efforts around stations. But this extends the search area multiple times and so we need to consider how to best use all of the volunteer energy and time put into this search so that we can ensure both safety and effectiveness of everyone's efforts.

Look for an update soon of our re-strategy. We sincerely appreciate and value everyone's effort and concerns. Whether you are an active searcher & putting up posters, or watch for my Dad during your daily lives, you are all participating in an amazing story of collective grace and the core of what it means to be human.

(We put up a count-up clock on the website of how much time has passed. It is painful to see and I didn't want to have it up at first, but I feel it does help to give me the sense of urgency I need and that every minute matters.)

UPDATE - Friday, October 18th, 2013

Last night I visited a homeless shelter in New Westminster. I've never been to one of these. Some residents look like regular people and you would never know that they were homeless. There were also those that were clearly dealing with their personal demons in their life. It broke my heart to see one particular man who must have been traumatized or sexually abused in the past, go on a drunken rage on other residents accusing them of raping him. He broke down crying saying that no one cares about him and that no one loves him.

On another note, I met another resident of the homeless shelter who provided me with some insight on the homeless community. He mentioned they tend to take care of each other. If a homeless person saw my dad was looking for food and shelter, they would show him the ropes. The homeless community are also well aware of outsiders and new "homeless" people in their community. Coincidently, this resident along with a few other residents mentioned they saw an Asian man twice on Saturday, October 5 at a Soup Kitchen in New west and then on Sunday, October 6th when free Korean food was being served. "Dad" was supposedly with some other Asian homeless person. They noticed this man since he was new to the community. He has not been seen since. These sightings are consistent with the other many sightings we've received from the New West area. Unfortunately, we think if dad was there he may have moved on. We are always a few days behind due a lack of awareness in cities outside of the Tri-Cities. The resident mentioned that there are many nooks and crannies in the area and many warm areas to sleep outside.

He mentioned it's possible to walk down Columbia to Marine drive. This made me think what other areas are plausible if the sightings of dad in New West are in fact true. What would be his most probable route outside of New Westminster? Any suggestions?

Here's What's Happening Today and for the Weekend:

1) CBC radio will be doing a story and interview on Dad at 5:30pm, Friday.

2) SkyTrain Searches at Major Stations
- With the probability of dad travelling on transit, we will doing ongoing transit searches. Please visit for more info.

3) Searches Near and Surrounding the New Westminster Area (eg. Probable routes taken from New west such as Marine drive.) Any suggestions?

4) Searches Near Confirmed Sightings and Areas
- Areas that he may have potentially gone "stuck"
-Please see diagram at

My mom would like to extend her thanks to the Noh Search Community. Because of you, we no longer feel alone as you have become our family.

UPDATE - Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Here are some theories on where Dad might be:

Theory #1-Deep in the Woods in Burke Mountain or Minnekhada

  • However, there are fences preventing you from going further up.
  • Chances of survival are not good too.
  • Also, Dad was looking for home when he was spotted up at Burke Mountain. He most likely would have travelled towards a residential area, which would mean he would have travelled downhill.
  • Alzheimer patients travel on a path of least resistance which generally would mean downhill.
  • His confirmed sighting at Coast Meridian and Lincoln would indicate he traveled downhill. Could he have gone back up though?

Theory #2-Shin Crossed the Pitt River Bridge.

  • What are the chances of him finding the walkway to the Pitt River bridge? I think pretty slim. Is there another path to get to Pitt Meadows???
  • The Lost Person Behaviour Handbook mentions that, "they go until they get "stuck" and appear to lack the ability to turn around and may ping-pong off some barriers".
  • Would Dad be motivated to cross that bridge? For Dad's previous job, he visited the ships at the ports. There were many shipping containers. You can see these shipping containers along the Pitt River Bridge. Dad also loved the water and Alzheimer patients are drawn to water. He may have wanted to head in this direction if he saw the mountains. He would always refer to the mountains as Banff.

Theory #3-Shin is "Stuck locally" either in a building, structure, or along a Trail.

  • 95% of them are found 6km within their last point seen. However, time has passed thus this radius could be greater.
  • We've already scoured the Coquitlam River which would be a probable area. Is there a trail or something we are missing?

Theory #4-Dad was befriended by a homeless person.

  • The homeless don't have access to media, but many have been made aware by volunteers. However, homeless people have needs of their own. It's possible that he may have met a lonely homeless person who wanted a companion. Dad is friendly and likes people. But with Alzheimer's, Dad most likely keep moving and couldn't stay still. He would have wandered from the homeless.

Theory #5- Dad is on transit and Outside of the Tri-Cities

  • There have been quite a few potential New Westminster sightings. Dad was not a regular transit user, however he may have hopped on transit to stay warm and to keep moving. He didn't like staying put in one place.
  • He could be aimlessly walking around and people not recognizing him. He would look like the homeless. I think he is able to find food and water. Although, I don't think Dad will be too mobile without proper food and water.

If you haven't read this yet, here again are some statistics to consider from the Lost Person Behaviour Handbook:

  • Structure 35%, Road 36%, Linear 9%
  • Drainage 4%, Water 6%
  • Brush 1%, Woods 3%, Field 6%

*What's interesting is, the woods find percentage is only 3%. However, please keep in mind #1 and #2 of the Hallmark Behaviours of Alzheimer Patients mentions, "they go until they get "stuck" and appear to lack the ability to turn around and may ping-pong off some barriers". Since the Tri-Cities are covered with trails and rivers, could this still be a possibility? The hand book mentions, "in both urban and wilderness environments, the subject is highly likely to cross or depart from a road (66%). If the subject leaves the road or travel feature, he does not travel far" In the wilderness, the subject is typically walking or gets stuck in brush/briars or drainages".

Track Offset (meters) for 110 Cases:

  • 25% are 4 meters off track
  • 50% are 15 meters off track
  • 75% are 71 meters off track
  • 95% are 307 meters off track

My picks are Theories #3 and #5; however, my guess is as good as yours. I think it's important to build ongoing awareness around SkyTrain Stations. Please see our SkyTrain Search Party at

What are your thoughts? Do you have any theories of your own?

**Thank you for your continued care and effort in our search to find our Dad.**

UPDATE - Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

I have never done so much biking, hiking, and squatting. I think this is dad's plan on making the Tri-Cities the fittest city in Canada. Ironically, "making the Tri-Cities the fittest city in Canada" is the mission statement for my fitness business.

Before my Dad went missing, I've never been to Burke Mountain, nor did I realize we had "Banff" , Minnekhada park, right in our backyard! There are an endless number of trails here. Speaking of Banff, Dad has gone to Banff for a record of 84 times. Try to beat that. Dad loves the scenery of the mountains, lakes, and the rivers. He loved the Tri-Cities. No need to go to Banff now, when we have Minnekhada right in our backyard!

Our family would like to send our sincere gratitude to all past and present volunteers. We've had off duty police officers, off duty security guards, the mayor, politicians, church pastors, mothers, fathers, grandmas and grandpas, and people just like you and me, all help in the search for my dad. The support from the community has been amazing! We can never say thank you enough. In particular, I would like to give a shout out to the RCMP and the Coquitlam Search and Rescue. I realize we put immense pressure on them in times like this, but they're humans too. They have families and make many personal sacrifices to serve the community. Their goal is to also bring my dad home. I also didn't realize the Coquitlam Search and Rescue are made up of volunteers. They have regular day jobs and are paged once someone goes missing. They are the Superheros of the Tri-Cities!

I wanted to share with you some stats on finding a missing person with Alzheimers, from the Lost Behaviour Handbook. We're soon all going to be experts at Search and Rescue!

Find Location % for 223 Cases (North America) for Alzheimer Patients:

  • Structure 35%, Road 36%, Linear 9%
  • Drainage 4%, Water 6%
  • Brush 1%, Woods 3%, Field 6%

*What's interesting is, the woods find percentage is only 3%. However, please keep in mind #1 and #2 of the Hallmark Behaviours of Alzheimer Patients mentions, "they go until they get "stuck" and appear to lack the ability to turn around and may ping-pong off some barriers". Since the Tri-Cities are covered with trails and rivers, could this still be a possibility? The hand book mentions, "in both urban and wilderness environments, the subject is highly likely to cross or depart from a road (66%). If the subject leaves the road or travel feature, he does not travel far" In the wilderness, the subject is typically walking or gets stuck in brush/briars or drainages".

Track Offset (meters) for 110 Cases:

  • 25% are 4 meters off track
  • 50% are 15 meters off track
  • 75% are 71 meters off track
  • 95% are 307 meters off track

Wednesday's Search Parties:

1) Sky Train Blitz- New Sky Train Stations have been added. We need to continue to spread the awareness in areas outside of the Tri-Cities as many are unaware of dad's disappearance. To join the Sky Train Blitz Search Party, please visit

If by chance you do see him get on a transit vehicle and can't get to him, please try to note down the vehicle ID number, type of vehicle, location and time (date is obvious). Then call the POLICE and then us at our Search HQ.

For example (see diagrams below):

Transit Bus:

  • 1. Vehicle Number: 2215
  • 2. Bus Route & Direction: #16 Arbutus, West-Bound
  • 3. Location & Time: On Hastings, East of Main St. (Stop 53391); 10:40AM

Skytrain Vehicle:

  • 1. Vehicle Number & Direction: 306, towards downtown
  • 2. Type of SkyTrain: Mark II Gray & Blue (Mark I are the first generation boxy looking cars)
  • 3. Station and Time: Metrotown Station, 8:50PM

2) PoCo Trail East of Shaughnesey (starting at Lincoln and Oxford)"- 'river trails' between Shaughnesey and oxford, and Lincoln back up to Shaughnesey (it's a triangle).
*This is close to his Confirmed Sighting #2 which happened near Lincoln Drive and Coast Meridian. Who is available for this and when?

3) Online Blitz- Please share with your network our facebook fan page at or our website at Some have also confused him with the mushroom pickers thinking he has been found!

Any thoughts or suggestions on where to look?

Thank you for keeping the Noh family strong!

UPDATE - Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

I have to admit it was extremely difficult getting through Thanksgiving without dad. My family spent Thanksgiving together searching for dad. We thank all past and current volunteers. Thank you for participating in our searches over the weekend. Each search brings us closer to finding dad, by eliminating areas we've searched, and re-visiting places he could end up at. We still can't believe our father is missing like this. But we couldn't have imagine so many people would care. You've given our family hope, strength, and perseverance during this difficult time.

Some very interesting research about Alzheimer Patients and on Search and Rescue:

Here's Some Info to Consider about the Hallmark Behaviours of Alzheimer Patients Who Wander:

#1-They keep walking almost straight until they get "stuck".

#2-Appear to lack the ability to turn around and may ping-pong off some barriers

#3-Direction of travel is a good predictor of where they are found. Look for sign and attempt to determine exit door.
*Dad travelled east from home. However if he kept going east and hit the Pitt River, he would "ping-pong" in another direction.
*Interesting fact in "Metro" Vancouver: they tend to travel West and East due to bridges. However, we can't say for certainty that Dad didn't cross the Pitt River Bridge.

#4-Oriented in the past. The more severe the dementia, the further in the past they exist. Figure out where in the past the subject is currently "living" in order to determine possible destinations (eg. Former residence, a work place). Investigative questions assist to better understand the subject's past (which, for them, may be the present).

#5-May attempt to travel to former residence, favourite place or what appears to be former place, or workplace.

*Note: On Sunday, I met with the church member who saw dad at his Confirmed sighting #2 on Lincoln Dr. He was 99% percent sure it was him. The church member mentioned the black baseball cap and plaid shirt. "Shin" looked like he was looking at the numbers of the houses. He walked towards Blackewell Street and then turned around and walked towards Coast Meridian. The church member did not know Shin was missing. This sighting #2 occurred on Friday, September 20 at 5pm. His "Mennonite" sighting occurred on Wednesday, September 18 at 1pm and was north of this sighting. Both of these sightings are in the same area, which would mean dad didn't wander too far for the first 2 days. This also indicates dad took the path of least resistance and went downhill.

The question is, did he continue to proceed downhill? What do you think Noh Search Community? Which direction do you think he travelled? Where is he "stuck"?

Here's What's Going on for Tuesday, October 15:

  • Waiting for Skytrain footage for the Mr. Kim witness which occurred on Friday, September 27
  • Should be receiving confirmation for the Tim Hortons sighting which occurred on Saturday, October 12.
  • Sky Train Blitz Search Party-We've decided to keep the Sky Train Blitz on-going as it is important to build awareness in areas outside of the Tri-Cities especially if Dad hopped on transit. For more information, please visit

***Important: Some are getting Shin Noh confused with the missing mushroom pickers and are thus ripping down posters! Please share our facebook page at or this website www.shin-noh. and let your friends know he is still missing!***

UPDATE - Monday, October 14th, 2013

On Sunday, mom and I attended the church dad regularly went to, Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship. Also known as the "Mennonite" church. It was extremely difficult for us to sit through the service without weeping, as we were constantly reminded of him. Dad asked me for years to go to church with him. I stopped going after he retired as a church pastor.

I had a hard time growing up as a "PK" also known as a pastor's kid, and fell astray from the church. But that's for another day...

Dad would always tell me, he's lived a fulfilled life. He mentioned how lucky he was that he met my mom and immigrated to Canada, even though he left his parents and brothers and sisters in Korea. There was one thing he mentioned that he needed to fulfill; it was for me to go to church with him. Because of his Alzheimer's, he would ask me every 5 minutes when we would have Sushi every Friday night. I happened to go two consecutive Sunday's to this church with him, before he went missing. Dad was ecstatic I finally went with him. It made me happy to see him like this, so I went a second time with him.

Dad didn't know the day of the week or what time it was, but he always knew when it was Sunday and was strangely very punctual attending service. He was also excited to have coffee and cookies after the service during refreshments. Yesterday, Mom and I met church members who knew Shin. One woman said something that resonated and comforted me all day, "Wherever Shin is, God is watching over him."

Here's What's Happening Today:

  • RCMP will be reviewing footage of the Tim Hortons Sighting in New West, which occurred on Saturday evening. Stay tuned...
  • Many are unaware of dad's disappearance outside of the 'Tri-Cities'. Also, some are mixing my dad up with the mushroom pickers who went missing and are thus removing some of our posters. Please share this page to your friends and network to spread the word that he's still missing.

Today's Search Parties:

1) Coquitlam River Search @ 10am: Please visit for more information

2) Shin Noh Sky Train Blitz Starting at 10am: Please visit for more information

3) Churches serving Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless, Shelters, Soup Kitchens, etc.

Happy Thanksgiving Noh Search Community! I'm thankful for all of you. What are you thankful for?

UPDATE - Sunday, October 13th, 2013

  • On Monday, RCMP will be looking at video surveillance at the Tim Hortons located at the New West Station. A volunteer saw, "he was wearing a blue fleece jacket. Had a black cap on, dark pants and black shoes. Had white facial hair and a sunken face. The man drank out of someone's cup left on a table. Looked confused. Looked at the volunteer and went out. Caught the 106 bus without paying heading west-bound towards Metrotown around 10:04pm. Volunteer ran out but the bus driver took off. We had another volunteer follow the 106 bus. However, we could not find this man."

  • This Tim Hortons New West sighting seems "credible" but nothing is confirmed. As much as I want it to be him, we have to put our emotions aside and look at this objectively. We act on these potential leads ASAP, however be careful we don't hone in on one area only and put our eggs in one basket. We will post updates as to developments on this sighting.

  • I was amazed that within literally 10 seconds of posting on fb, volunteers would show up when I was at Metrotown station, New West Station, and Lougheed station. You are awesome!

  • It was disappointing to find out that only one person in the Metrotown area knew about my dad's disappearance. A transit worker also mentioned people were ripping down posters thinking he was one of the two missing mushroom people and thought he was found or passed on.

  • Areas to Focus on:

    1) Shin Noh Sky Train Blitz between 12pm to 4pm. Please see to pick a station.

    2) Visit local shelters, local churches that are serving turkey dinners in Burnaby and New West.

    Upcoming Events:

    1) Monday, October 14 at 10am
    Shin Noh Sky Train Blitz Part II. What we don't cover on Sunday, we will cover on Monday. I will update the list of stations to cover on Sunday evening. Please see

    2) Monday, October 14 at 10am.
    Deep Woods Search Along Coquitlam River. The Coquitlam River is still an area of interest. It is a highly probable area where dad could be.

    Thank you Shin Noh Search Community. Happy Thanksgiving.

    UPDATE - Saturday, October 12th, 2013

    Today's Group Search Parties

    9:15am- Pitt River Search-Poco Trail going toward Minnekhada

    *Meet at Huber and Cedar Street

    *Visit for more info or

    12:30pm-Hyde Creek Trails

    *Meet at 1379 Laurier Avenue, Port Coquitlam

    *Visit for more info or

    Upcoming Searchs

    Sunday, October 13-Location and Time T.B.A

    Monday, October 14 @ 10am-Coquitlam River Deep Search (meet at Patricia Bridge)

    *Visit for more info or

    Confirmed Sighting in Burke Mountain, 2.5 hours he left his residence.

    Confirmed Sighting #2 (Port Coquitlam): Friday, September 20 at 5:15pm. 85% confirmed. Willie from church saw "Shin" at Lincoln Dr walking towards Coast Meridian then crossing the street towards Sefton. Willie didn't know "Shin" was lost. This sighting would indicate dad went down Coast Meridian from his Burke Mountain Sighting.

    Update as of Friday, October 11, 2013

    *We are receiving leads due to your efforts. RCMP are following up with hot leads. We're following up with all credible leads, but need to keep in mind some of these leads will distract us and may be misleading.

    *RCMP are looking at transit footage for the Mr. Kim Sky train sighting on Friday, September 27. Video #1 suggests it is NOT Shin. They have 2 more videos to look at. My hunch is dad didn't go on transit, but we're still keeping this possibility open.

    * Yes, there's still a possibility of him being outside of the Tri-Cities'. Please continue to build awareness outside of the Tri-Cities'. We're following up with tips that we are receiving as a result of your efforts.

    *We can't forget he may be close to home, along the river or deep in the woods. Many have driven around searching in their cars and some have searched off trail. We have to assume he's off trail. Thus, off trail searches will be a focus for the upcoming days. 95% of Alzheimer patients are found 6m from their last point seen and 75% of them travel in a SW direction. His last point seen would be his Lincoln Drive and Coast Meridian Sighting on Friday, September 20. Since time has passed, this radius would possibly be much greater than 6km.

    High Probable Areas:
    1) Deep along the Coquitlam River. I know we've already looked but need to go slightly off trail.

    2) Deep within Ioco road, Belcarra, and Bunzten Areas.
    *This is mom's guess. We recently found out Dad was found by the RCMP on Ioco road in the past. Dad loved this area and frequently visited the Port Moody Library. We realize there have been search parties in this area.

    Upcoming Search Parties and Areas to Build Awareness
    *If you're available and comfortable for any of these, please reply to this post and we'll post additional information.*

    Friday, October 11, 2013
    1) Ioco road, Belcarra, and Bunzten Areas.

    Saturday, October 12, 2013
    1) Along the Pitt River on the Poco Side:
    Starting at Cedar Drive where it meets up to Victoria Dr, there is a parking lot where you can park. From there you can pick which side of the Poco Traboulay trail you would like to walk along to reach the Pitt River. We are thinking 15people on one side and 15 people on the other side.
    Side A- Staying along the trail going toward Minnekhada Regional Park.
    Side B- Staying along the trail that goes towards the Pitt Meadows bridge, where it connects to the trans-Canada trail.

    2) Ioco road, Belcarra, and Bunzten Areas.

    3) Hyde Creek Trail- going off trail and following along the trail. We already have a group of 15 people for this.

    Sunday, October 13, 2013
    1) Ioco road, Belcarra Area, Bunzen Area.
    2) Along the Pitt River on the Pitt Meadows Side. Starting at lougheed hwy along the trans Canada stopping at Jerry Sulina Park
    Put out flyers at the Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze, gas stations, mcdonalds, anything you can think of where people will see the flyers

    Monday, October 14, 2013
    1) "Deep Woods" along the Coquitlam River at 10am. We have
    Whose available for this? So far we have 13 people. We need at least 25 people. Additional details to be posted.

    Please specify which day and search party you would like to join. Please be safe! Thank you Noh community!

    Update as of Thursday, October 10, 2013

    Summary of Events to Date:

    Confirmed Sighting #1(Burke Mountain) : Wednesday, September 18 at 1pm. 100% confirmed. (2.5 hours after he left home). Shin was seen at Burke Mountain. He asked 2 constru
    ction workers where the "Mennonite" Church was. Dad goes to this church, which is right across from his home. Unfortunately, we received this lead 3 days after he went missing. No one knew he was missing at that time. Some still don't know he's missing.

    Confirmed Sighting #2 (Port Coquitlam): Friday, September 20 at 5:15pm. 85% confirmed. Willie from church saw "Shin" at Lincoln Dr walking towards Coast Meridian then crossing the street towards Sefton. Willie didn't know "Shin" was lost. Willie wasn't 100% it was him, but he was pretty sure.This sighting would indicate dad went down Coast Meridian from his Burke Mountain Sighting.

    Possible Port Coquitlam Area Sightings
    *During the first 7 days, there were many possible sightings in the Poco area, including the Gates Park sighting. The homeless were possibly feeding him. We have not been able to confirm this lead.
    *We also received many leads from the Burke Mountain area.

    Possible New Westminster Area Sightings
    #1 Friday, September 27 at 7:20pm-Mr. Kim, a Korean man, saw a man matching my dad's description when he hopped on the Skytrain at Edmonds station. Mr. Kim got off at Metrotown while this man stayed on. Mr Kim claimed he saw this man 1 month ago at Tim Hortons in the Lougheed Mall area. Mr. Kim recognized this man when he saw him on the sky train on Friday, September 27. He did not know Shin was missing at the time, but approached a volunteer when she was putting up posters. We are still awaiting video surveillance.

    #2 Tuesday, October 1 at 10:30am. Ms. Cha, a Korean woman, saw a man go on the C9 Community bus in New West on Columbia & 4th? This man really stood out, because he was quite hesitant to go on the bus. Ms. Cha offered for him to go on the bus first. The bus driver waved at him to hurry up and hop on. He was wearing a black ball cap, was scruffy looking, and Ms. Cha was confident he was Korean. She mentioned this man seemed odd, unsure, isolated, and confused. Ms. Cha did not know Shin was missing at the time.

    Possible Maple Ridge Area
    1) Someone saw an Asian man at Haney Place
    2) Someone saw an Asian man under Golden Ears Bridge
    3) Homeless saw someone matching his description.

    Possible Coquitlam/Burquitlam/Lougheed Mall Area *NEW LEAD*
    *Tuesday, October 1 or Wednesday, October 2 at 1:30pm- Saw him first at Lougheed Station. Was seen heading towards North road and then Austin Avenue. Witness said he was scruffy, hadn't showered for days, and had a NY Rangers hat. Wore a brownish winter parka, black collared v neck shirt, and baggy dark brown pants. He was 98% sure it was him walked right by him to make sure. A volunteer was approached by this witness 1 week after this sighting. IF YOU SEE HIM, PLEASE STAY WITH HIM. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY.

    *Note: In June, dad was found at Dewdney and Lougheed Hwy. As well, going up Mariner. On a separate occasion, dad was found at loco road, near Port Moody library. He was brought home by the police on these two occasions, but unfortunately we were unaware of him being dropped off by the police.

    Possible Transit and Bus Sightings
    *If the hopped on transit, he could be anywhere. He may have gone on at Braid Station or the Lougheed Mall station and then got off at New Westminster Station, Columbia Station, Edmonds, or Metrotown??? I don't know why he would hop on transit since he wasn't a regular transit user. Maybe to stay warm and to keep moving?

    Areas to Build Awareness
    *Public washrooms, shopping malls, food banks, homeless shelters, stairwells, parkades, churches, parks, trails, and sky train stations are key areas to check.

    1) Burquitlam (Lougheed Mall, North Road, Along Lougheed towards Brentwood)
    2) Como Lake, Austin Avenue. We lived in this area and dad's church
    was on Austin avenue.
    3) River View Hospital Area, Mundy Park Area, Blue Mountain
    4) Sapperton (Local businesses along Columbia by RCH,)
    5) New West Station & Columbia Station (Local businesses, churches,
    homes, etc, Quay towards the River)
    6) Queens Park/Moody Park
    7) Towards High Gate Burnaby
    8 ) Skytrain Stations
    9) The C9 Community Bus Route.
    10) Pitt Meadows
    11) Maple Ridge
    12) Deep Woods in Burke Mountain. Mom thinks he is lost within the woods. *We will be organizing another Deep Woods Search Party for the weekend. If you're interested, let us know.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look?

    *We have reason to believe dad is mobile. If he got on transit, he could be anywhere. Please print flyers from and post them in your neighbourhood.

    *Key things to look for: medical bracelet on right wrist, watch on left wrist, was last seen with black New York Rangers Hat, blue plaid shirt, dark green pants, and black shoes. He may be wearing a jacket.

    *Remember, if you see him, please stop him. Call out his name, Shin. Call out his children's name, Sam and Rebecca. He may be scared of people. He will have a greyish, white beard. Call 911.

    Last but not least, our sincere thanks to the Noh community. Thank you to all past and present volunteers. Based on the process of elimination, with each search we are getting closer to finding him. Our leads are generated because of your efforts. You've kept the Noh family together. What an amazing community we live in. God bless you all.
    Update for Wednesday, October 9, 2013

    *The Royal Centre Mall "#4" sighting is NOT him. We've confirmed this through video surveillance.
    *The Church Pastor "#6" sighting is NOT him. The description doesn't match.
    *We're receiving other random tips from the New West area from the homeless and businesses.
    *We are still awaiting video surveillance for Sightings #1. Translink deals with many suicide cases and are tied up on their end.

    Sightings #1 and #2 are still plausible:
    #1 "Friday, September 27 at 7:20pm-Mr. Kim, a Korean man, saw a man matching my dad's description when he hopped on the Skytrain at Edmonds station. Mr. Kim got off at Metrotown while this man stayed on. Mr Kim claimed he saw this man 1 month ago at Tim Hortons in the Lougheed Mall area. Mom doesn't remember if they went to Tim Hortons, but mom did say they frequented the Lougheed Mall area with their grandchild. This "man" happened to sit at the table right beside Mr. Kim at Tim Hortons, so Mr. Kim recognized this man when he saw him on the sky train on Friday, September 27. He did not know Shin was missing at the time, but approached a volunteer when she was putting up posters."

    #2 "Tuesday, October 1 at 10:30am. Ms. Cha, a Korean woman, saw a man go on the C9 Community bus in New West on Columbia & 4th? This man really stood out, because he was quite hesitant to go on the bus. Ms. Cha offered for him to go on the bus first. The bus driver waved at him to hurry up and hop on. He was wearing a black ball cap, was scruffy looking, and Ms. Cha was confident he was Korean. She mentioned this man seemed odd, unsure, isolated, and confused. Ms. Cha did not know Shin was missing at the time."

    Additional Information: In June, dad was found at Dewdney and Lougheed Hwy. As well, going up Mariner. So we need some to focus on the River View Hospital Area, Mundy Park Area, Blue Mountain before the sun sets! On a separate occasion, dad was found at loco road, near Port Moody library. He was brought home by the police on these two occasions, but unfortunately we weren't notified by the police. They dropped him off and left. They were unaware of his Alzheimer's. We were also unaware that he was getting lost.

    Areas to Build Awareness:

    1) Burquitlam (Lougheed Mall, North Road, Along Lougheed towards Brentwood)
    2) Sapperton (Local businesses along Columbia by RCH,)
    3) New West Station & Columbia Station (Local businesses, churches, homes, etc, Quay towards the River)
    5) Queens Park/Moody Park
    6) Towards High Gate Burnaby
    7) Skytrain Stations

    8 ) Pitt Meadows
    9) Maple Ridge
    10) Deep Woods in Burke Mountain. Mom thinks he is lost within the woods.
    *We will be re-visiting organizing another Deep Woods Search Party. Stay tuned.

    11) River View Hospital Area, Mundy Park Area, Blue Mountain

    Any other suggestions? Your guess is as good as mine.

    *Public washrooms, shopping malls, food banks, homeless shelters, stairwells, parkades, churches, parks, trails, and sky train stations are key areas to check.

    Ways to Help:

    1) Share this post on facebook, with your email lists, contacts, church, workplace, and your network.

    2) Organize your own search party. Please call HQ (604) 996-1111 for assistance if needed.

    3) Print and post flyers up in your neighbourhood. You can access our flyers at

    4) Donate at to help with the financial cost for our search (flyers, toner and ink, advertising, search equipment, etc).

    5) Help with administrative tasks at the Search HQ: organizing leads, responding to emails, phone calls, facebook, errands, etc.

    6) Talk to local businesses, post flyers, visit parks, trails, etc.

    7) If you have any ideas, please let us know. If you're able to initiate some of these ideas, please feel free to make them happen and to ask us for assistance.

    We thank all past and present volunteers in helping us in the search for my dad. I realize many of you haven't even met my dad and you could easily go on with your lives without helping. I get that too. The Noh family sincerely thanks you for your overwhelming support. You're keeping our family together and it's amazing how our community has come together as a result of this search. There's hope for humanity!

    Update for Tuesday, October 8, 2013

    My heart breaks each time mom asks me if I've found dad yet...Although many of you haven't met mom, she is aware of your amazing support and love. The Noh family is blessed to have you part of our exte
    nded family.

    Something dawned on me today. All these leads from New Westminster came in due to your efforts of putting up flyers and talking to locals. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have these sightings. The Korean witnesses actually didn't hear about it on the media. Unfortunately, all of them were unaware of dad's disappearance at the time of the sightings. It seems like we're always a few days behind. I really hope the Korean Media will step it up. Most people outside of the Tri-Cities' aren't aware of dad's disappearance and assume he's missing in the Tri-Cities'. Dad could walk long distances. Recent sightings indicate that may be on transit. We're currently waiting for transit video surveillance to confirm this. The RCMP are busy which I understand. They told us they would get back to us today. Will keep you posted.

    Please keep putting up flyers; they're working and generating leads!

    Areas to Build Awareness:

    1) Burquitlam (Lougheed Mall, North Road, Along Lougheed towards Brentwood)
    2) Sapperton (Local businesses along Columbia by RCH,)
    3) New West Station & Columbia Station (Local businesses, churches, homes, etc, Quay towards the River)
    4) Royal Centre Mall and surrounding businesses
    5) Queens Park/Moody Park
    6) Towards High Gate Burnaby

    Any other suggestions?

    *Public washrooms, shopping malls, food banks, homeless shelters, stairwells, parkades, and sky train stations are key areas to check.

    Please talk to locals, businesses, and post flyers by printing them from our website at or email and request a pdf file. Thank you Shin Noh Community!

    Update for Monday, October 7, 2013 (Below are some tips we've been receiving from the New West Area)

    1) Friday, September 27 at 7:20pm-Mr. Kim, a Korean man, saw a man matching my dad's description when he hopped on the Skytrain at Edmonds station. Mr. Kim got off at Metrotown while this man stayed on. Mr Kim claimed he saw this man 1 month ago at Tim Hortons in the Lougheed Mall area. Mom doesn't remember if they went to Tim Hortons, but mom did say they frequented the Lougheed Mall area with their grandchild. This "man" happened to sit at the table right beside Mr. Kim at Tim Hortons, so Mr. Kim recognized this man when he saw him on the sky train on Friday, September 27.

    2) Tuesday, October 1 at 10:30am. Ms. Cha, a Korean woman, saw a man go on the C9 Community bus in New West on Columbia & 4th? This man really stood out, because he was quite hesitant to go on the bus. Ms. Cha offered for him to go on the bus first. The bus driver waved at him to hurry up and hop on. He was wearing a black ball cap, was scruffy looking, and Ms. Cha was confident he was Korean. She mentioned this man seemed odd, unsure, isolated, and confused.

    3) Tuesday, October 1 at 4:20pm- Amy, a young Korean woman, saw a man matching my dad's description at Columbia and Blackwood. This man entered a white building into the Headway Centre. He looked disorientated and kept on looking at her. Amy wears black glasses and so does my sister. This man was wearing a construction worker type vest, dark jacket which was too big for him, black cap, and grey hair. She noticed he had a bit of a limp. Amy did not know Shin was missing at the time.

    4) Saturday, October 5th. A contractor at Royal Centre Mall was pretty sure she saw a man matching dad's description. He mentioned he wore a green jacket and kept looking at him. We are trying to get in touch with this witness for further information.

    5) Time and Date unknown-Korean Shoppers Drug Market Cosmetic Worker on Columbia Street saw a man use the washroom without closing the door and seemed a bit disoriented. The plaid shirt really stood out but she couldn't remember when she saw this gentleman. She thinks it was 10 to 14 days ago. She did not know Shin was missing at the time.

    6) Time and Date unknown- A church pastor in the New West area called HQ mentioning a confused and disorientated man came into the church asking for the Korean service.

    My Thoughts:
    *These tips are unconfirmed, but "credible". Eye witness testimony from Koreans is a significant factor. Simply put, Koreans recognize other Koreans.
    *Dad was not a regular Skytrain or transit user, but this is a "wild card" we have to consider. It would make sense for dad to hop on the Skytrain to stay warm and out of the rain. All of these leads are unconfirmed. We'll be hitting the New West Area hard tomorrow and surrounding areas. The C9 bus loops around to Lougheed mall so the Burquitlam Area is an area to focus on as well. It seems that we are receiving leads 5 days behind. From New West, he could possibly enter the Burnaby/Metrotown area.
    *We still need to be on alert in the Tri-Citie's as we can't put all our eggs in one basket.
    *I'm confident dad is seeking shelter and getting access to some food and water. I think he's mobile. Although dad has mid-stage Alzheimer's he is still very conscious and aware of his surroundings. Unfortunately his English and Korean vocabulary diminished, thus I think he has difficulty asking for help from a stranger. He would most likely ask a stranger where his children are. It would take a very engaged stranger to figure out something is wrong.

    What's Next:
    *We're requesting video surveillance from Translink. Unfortunately, this can take weeks. Very frustrating!!! We have a family member who previously worked for Translink so he's going to try to get in touch with his contacts to expedite the process. On a positive note, all the bus drivers have been alerted of my dad's disappearance.
    *I'll be visiting the Poco Bus station today where all the C9 buses are dispatched. Hoping to find the driver of the C9 bus that day.
    *Please raise the awareness in New West, Burquitlam, Metrotown and surrounding areas by talking to businesses and locals in the area. If Shin is in the New West Area, he may be using washrooms at these locations (stores at Columbia, malls like Royal Centre. It's one thing to take a #1 in the bushes, another to do a #2. So maybe search areas should also be nearby stores and the malls (food court maybe where he is eating leftovers and using the washroom). Many in this area are unaware of dad's disappearance.

    Saturday, October 5, 2013

    We have two search parties on Saturday, October 5 at 9am and 1pm.

    ***Please search in your neighbourhood, but here are some areas we want to build awareness. Please post flyers, talk to locals and go on trails if you're comfortable.***

    *You're welcome to visit the Search HQ, located at 2624 St Johns street or designate a meeting place with your group.

    *Pick an area you're comfortable with


    Trans Canada Trail in Pitt Meadows along the Pitt River and Alouette River, North of Dewdney. Anywhere around the North Side of Pitt Meadows as we don't see him crossing the Lougheed Highway. But who knows!

    2) Costco Area. Ottawa/Riverside

    3) Coast Meridian to the Industrial Area (Kingsway and Broadway), Gates Park

    4) Ioco Road, Anmore, Bunzten Lake Area

    5) Barnet Marine Park

    6) Sapperton and South of Lougheed Mall Area, near Royal Columbian

    7) Maple Ridge

    Thank you for your support. It means a lot to our family.

    Friday, October 4, 2013 Areas to Focus on

    We will be doing the Trans Canada Trail in Pitt Meadows along the Pitt River and Alouette River.

    If you are unable to help search along the trail we are asking people to continue putting up flyers everywhere you can.

    Again the areas we are looking in or around is the Trans Canada Trail, Pitt Meadows. Anywhere around the North Side of Pitt Meadows as we don't see him crossing the Lougheed Highway

    Thanks again for all your help, its truly incredible!

    Thursday, October 3, 2013 Areas to Focus on

    Search Area #1:

    We think he would have asked for help from a stranger. We're puzzled why more people haven't seen him. From his "Mennonite" sighting at 1pm up at Burke Mountain, Dad could have made it down South on Coast Meridian to the Industrial Area, between Kingsway and Broadway. Workers in the area go home at 6pm, so after 6pm there is no one there. Thus, he could have roamed that area undetected. There are also places to hunker down there. He then could have gone along West or East on the Poco Trail along the Pitt River Bridge. This is an area to possibly scour. Or perhaps he's stuck in a building, shed, or in the woods where the public doesn't have frequent access to?

    Search Area#2

    He may have travelled South East from his Mennonite Sighting, traveling towards Costco and got stuck along the Pitt River.

    Search Area #4

    Dad was spotted about 1pm in Burke Mountain on the day he went missing. He asked a couple of construction workers for the Mennonite Church. This was a 98% confirmed sighting. Since more people haven't seen him, theory #2 is he actually headed up north or northeast where there are less people. While he was in Burke Mountain, we were scouring mostly West and South West of Burke Mountain. We think we may have found him if he traveled West or South West on the first two days he went missing.
    Although the problem with this theory is, my dad was looking for home. If you travel south, there are lots of houses. The construction workers who talked to him directed him to go down South for houses. They're not sure if he actually went in that direction. This is an area to scour again

    Search Area #5


    Other Areas

    Ground Zero where he left his house (Landsdowne and Glen Drive), South Coquitlam where he had his church and previous residences(Austin Avenue, como lake), Rocky Point Park, Lougheed Mall Area.

    Keep up to date on our face book fan page at or website at Or email us at You can call us at (604) 996-1111 however we have very limited admin staff available at our Search HQ. Thank you for your support.

    1. Minnekhada Park - including any hunting lodges, bathrooms etc (please be careful and don't go by yourself, there have been cougar sitings up there)

    2. Gates Park and surrounding area

    3. South Port Coquitlam - residential and industrial areas

    4. Pitt Meadows - Trans Canada Trail along East side of the Pitt River

    5. Poco Trail - along West side of the Pitt River

    6. Ground Zero-Lansdowne + Glen Area

    Be on the lookout for anything, even his hat. Look under and in bushes next to the road, under trees and anything that could provide shelter. If you see a shed, boat or camper on someone's property, don't be afraid to knock on their door and ask them if they are aware he is missing and ask them to look on their property

    Thank you and be safe out there!

    Tuesday, October 1, 2013
    Tonight, we are going to focus in an area of Pitt Meadows. Please concentrate on spreading the word (handing out flyers, putting up posters) and to look at structures that a person may easily hide in. Please call (604) 996-1111 to see which area (s) you are able to go to. It's raining out so please be safe when driving and wear warm and rain proof clothing.

    *Please check buildings such as washrooms, stairwells, parkades. We think he's stuck in some building, which is out of public view or not frequently visited.

    1. North of Ford Road, South of Lougheed, West of Harris Road, East of McTavish Road

    2. South of Ford Road to the Fraser River, West of Harris, East of Baynes Road

    3. West of Bonson Road, South of Lougheed, North of Hammond Road, East of Harris Road

    4. South of Hammond Road to the Fraser River, West of Bonson Road, East of Harris Road

    5. South of Hammond Road to the Fraser River, East of Bosnon Road, West of Golden Ears Way

    6. South of Lougheed Hwy, North of Hammond Road, West of Golden Ears Way and East of Bonson

    Just let us know what area(s) you plan on going so we can make sure we get good coverage in Pitt Meadows. Thanks again for all your hard work helping us search!!
    As of Monday, September 30, 2013 7:30pm
    With the 6Km radius theory and the South West direction theory, here are some new locations we should be looking. These are more residential and commercial areas so please look in back alleys, parkades, stairwells etc. Please be safe out there and wear proper rain gear (rain jacket, umbrella, rain boots etc.) Thank you for your help.

    New Locations (As of Monday, September 30, 2013)

    1. Lougheed Mall and surrounding areas
    2. East of Blue Mountain, South of Austin, North of Brunette, West of Marmont
    3. East of Marmont, North of Brunette, West of Decaire St, South of Austin
    4. East of Decaire St, South of Austin, West of Mundy, North of Brunette Ave
    5. South of Austin , East of Mundy St, North of Leclaire, West of Hickey
    6. North of Cape Horn/Mariner, West of Mariner, South of Austin, East of Hickey/Leclaire
    7. East of Mariner, South of Dewdney, West of Lougheed, North of Chilko
    Monday, September 30, 2013 9:30am
    Here is a quick recap:

    Coquitlam Search & Rescue scoured the wooded areas and trails approx 6k radius from ground zero (near Glen & Lansdowne) including Rocky Point, Pt Moody on Wed Sep 18, Fri Sep 20 and Mundy park (joined by volunteer searchers), and were deactivated Sat Sep 21 (please refer to their website for details on the trails they covered on their map). They were reactivated on Sun Sep
    22 at Burke mtn based on the tip "Mennonite sighting" that came in around 1pm Sun Sep 22. They tirelessly searched through the night and early morning hours on Burke mtn (info given was SW, NW? and west of the Mennonite sighting checking all trails and empty houses under construction). They were deactivated after this search. THANK YOU to COQ Search & Rescue!!!
    Volunteer searchers also tirelessly focused ground zero area Sep 18-Sun Sep 22 although some expanded their search outside of this area. They then mainly focused Burke mtn and Coq river area since Sep 22.
    Based on the most credible sighting at Burke mountain, the "Mennonite sighting" on Sep 18 1:30pm, few possibilities:
    BTW, Mennonite most likely refers to Eagle Ridge bible fellowship Mennonite Brethren Church near his home. ie. he was actively looking for his home using this landmark when he asked these two construction workers at Burke mtn housing development area. Most likely, he would not have slept on Sep 18-Sep19th, actively trying to find his way home (he left home around 10:20am for an "around the block" walk so he did not have any jacket or water with him.
    The weather was sunny during day, dry overnight probably around 15 Celsius?
    1) He could have wondered his way westward down on David and entered ground zero zone of radius probably the night of Sep 18 or early morning hours of Sep 19th, where there were active search going on.
    2) Northward to more housing areas, gun range? not likely as it is more uphill
    3) Eastward to wooded area? not likely, as he is looking for houses
    4) Southward down on Coast Meridian. Probably it takes him around 2:30-3pm to get to Prairie Rd to his old somewhat familiar GP medical practices either at Salisbury (or at SW corner of Coast Meridian and Prairie). Still searching for his home he heads south along Coast Meridian on the Westside sidewalk of the street over the new bridge across the train tracks to the Industrial area (noticed tonight, the new bridge has pedestrian walkway on the Westside only). By now it is around 4-5pm or later? when most of the businesses are closed. This is the urban "wooded area" ie. he slips "under the radar" away from the public. Still searching, tired, thirsty, hungry he may have hunkered down somewhere in this industrial park area early morning hours? or continue walking across the new Pitt river bridge eastward or to Port Mann westward?
    Therefore we need to focus on the industrial park south of lougheed and mary hill bypass.
    I drove there tonight and found it is empty afterhours esp sunday night but I assume it is like that during weeknights as well. It is quite desolate afterhours. I did not see nor was I approached by any security tonight. I noticed there are potential places for him to settle in.
    So what we can do today:
    1) We flood this business area w flyers (btw I did not see any posters in this area tonight)
    2) Walk into and talk to workers in every business during day to find out if they recall seeing Shin at all in this area. Please print the flyer (please request by email) or pick them up from HQ.
    3) Search for potential places he could have hunkered down. I saw a blue tarp covering logs in a parking lot of one of the businesses.
    4) There are trails east-west overlooking Pitt river and there are parks near industrial areas as well.
    Above all, please BE CAREFUL as there are large trucks and cars travelling sometimes very fast during the daytime.
    There are so many of you out there on the roads and the trails searching for Shin. We are truly DEEPLY moved by tremendous dedication, support and AMAZING LOVE you have shown us. It is truly a testament of ONE body, community, humanity!
    Sunday, September 29, 2013

    Please look in stairwells, hidden areas in Church areas, parkades, construction sites, abandoned houses, public washrooms, sheds, etc.

    Let's examine this:

    1) Dad was last seen by my mom, leaving his residence Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship on Landsdowne at 10:20am, Wednesday September 18. An eye witness spots him going north on Landsdowne. His Burke Mountain Sighting indicates he traveled East on Glen Drive or Guildford. He most likely traveled on Glen since this was the route he took to visit his friend. From here, he might have taken David Avenue to get to Burke Mountain.
    2) From his confirmed sighting in Burke Mountain "the Mennonite Sighting", he could have traveled North, west, East, or South.
    Least Probable Directions:
    North-If he headed north, he would enter a wooded area. I see dad being cautious about going there. The area is also blocked off by construction. He would have most likely gone towards a residential area, to find home.
    East-He could have travelled towards Costco in Poco. But where would he go from there? Could he have crossed Lougheed hwy? Dad typically didn't like crossing busy streets, however if it was in the wee hours in the morning he could have possibly crossed.
    Most Probable Directions:
    West-He could have gone back on David to head west towards the direction he came from.
    South-With all the tips coming from the Poco Area, he may have most likely traveled South from his Burke Mountain Sighting. However, none of these tips are 100%.
    ***Interesting statistic: Search and Rescue mentioned Alzheimer Patients are found in a SW direction from Ground Zero 75% of the time. This would indicate the Mundy Park and South Coquitlam Area. So could he have gone from Burke Mountain and then all the way up the hill in South Coquitlam? At this point anything is possible. Dad is physically fit to do so. Since it's over a week, we don't think he's going to be as mobile now.
    ***Search and Rescue also mentioned Alzheimer Patients are found 95% of the time within a 6 km radius from where they were last seen.
    3) Dad did not like the rain. He would return early from his walks when it would be raining. Thus he may be possibly seeking shelter under a tree, shed, building during the rain.
    4) He lived in South Coquitlam for a significant part of his life. He had his Church on Austin Avenue and Schoolhouse. As well, had 3 previous residences in this area: Porter@ Hibbard, Smith @ North Road, and near Como Lake @ Robinson. This is an area we should also scour.
    5) Dad loved the scenery of the mountains and loved walking to lakes. He typically didn't hike the trails, but rather walked on the streets to get to Lafarge Lake or Rocky Point Park.
    6) Dad loves people. You could randomly strike up a conversation with him. However without proper food and water, he may be paranoid and confused.
    7) Dad never had any flashbacks, but this might be a possibility without food and water. His time in the Korean Military was very memorable for him.
    Print our Flyer Below (Save As, Then Print)
    Click here: Google Map - add to our Search Registry <==ADD YOUR SEARCH TO OUR MAP



    1. VOLUNTEER IN OUR SEARCH: Our search HQ is located at Eagle Ridge Fitness @ 2624 St Johns Street in Port Moody.
    2. CHECK OUR MAP: Look at our Google Map and see if any areas around your neighbourhoood have not been searched (i.e. there is no pin marking the area).
    3. SEARCH OUTSIDE: Conduct a search with friends and family around your neighbourhood where someone could fall or be hidden--basically off the beaten path.
    4. REPORT: Place a pin where you have searched and provide details about the areas and places you searched:(you will need to sign in to Google). If you don't have a google account, message us on facebook or email of places you've searched.
      • Your name (so we can contact you if we need help searching the area).
      • The date and time you searched
      • Description of the location and if you can be as specific as possible. Too general and it is not as helpful.
    5. DONATE: Donations received will help provide financial assistance to the Noh family to cover costs associated with the search of Mr. Shin Noh such as posters and search equipment. As well, donations will be made to the family's local church (who have generously offered their space as search headquarters in the evenings) and to the Alzheimer's society.
    6. Download and Post Flyers in your Neighbourhood:

    Your information will help us crowd-source a map to help the Search & Rescue Team focus their resources to increase the chances of finding Mr. Shin Ik Noh.


    IF SIGHTED: CALL 604-945-1550

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